Patrick Coffin interviews Dr. Mazza on the invalidity of Pope Benedict XVI’s Resignation

At the request of FromRome.Info, Dr. Mazza suggests to listeners to read his article from April for more information about his presentation above:

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2 thoughts on “Patrick Coffin interviews Dr. Mazza on the invalidity of Pope Benedict XVI’s Resignation”

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  2. Just finish listening to this interview. Appreciating any material that builds awareness of reality, I must say that Dr. Mazza seems bit confused himself. He uses very unclear (I’d say contradicting) language that won’t bring clarity to a listener who just enters that topic.
    Invalidity of B-XVI’s resignation can be clearly presented in 1-2 mins. It take about 10 mins to do it with laying out all basis like fact that declaration must be clear in itself.
    That said Dr. Mazza provides some useful facts, especially at the end of the show. He is a proponent of interpretation that B-XVI’s ‘resignation’ was intended to bifurcate (for now) papacy. That may be true as much as Br. Bugniolo’s position that B-XVI tried to save from our Church.
    Whatever he could. Whichever interpretation is correct, he has never resigned the papacy.

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