4 thoughts on “Priest at Florence, Italy, arrested for drug trafficking with Sodomite Partner”

  1. I have no problem understanding that these utterly faithless “priests” care little about the sins of the flesh. I very much doubt that they believe in the concept of sin at tall or in the existence of hell. Heck, even “St” John Paul II “The Great” through his encyclicals was quite explicit about the fact that we all go to heaven, so why worry about those pesky sins of the flesh? (See Fr J Dormann’s “Pope John Paul II’s Theological Journey to the Prayer Meeting of Religions in Assisi” for a full, very detailed exposition of Wojtyla’s warped theology). What I have a much harder time understanding is why they seem to specifically gravitate towards homosexuality, rather than say, heterosexual relations with women partners…

    1. They entered the priesthood because they though that was the only place they could hide their perversion….

      1. Agree, but it is also in the Orthodox, Anglicans etc. &, of course, Freemasonry. It would be interesting to know if PJPII was himself a freemason as was PPVI & PJXXIII.

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