Kajeton interviews Attorney Acosta: What Pope Benedict XVI means by “My Yes is a yes forever”

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9 thoughts on “Kajeton interviews Attorney Acosta: What Pope Benedict XVI means by “My Yes is a yes forever””

  1. Don’t know whether others have same problem… a click on the “FULL SCREEN” option yields a window that’s chopped off to the upper portion, showing only a fraction of the photo & none of the English translation.

    1. Hmm. Let me try and fix this. — I do not think there is anything I can do. It does work on Android, Chrome and Firefox. However, if you click the link to Kajeton, then perhas their pdf version in English is legible on your device.

  2. Does HH Pope Benedict XVI celebrate daily Mass? If so, does he name himself or Francis in the Canon? The answer to this question would be instructive, if we could somehow know the answer.

    1. If a Mafia gang entered your house and occupied it, what value would there be if I went and ate at your table and asked you who was its owner, with them sitting along side us both? Your answer to my question will be very instructive in helping you confront the real situation at the Vatican.

      1. The Mafia analogy is helpful, thank you. I am not smarter than you, nor than any other faithful religious whom I respect such as Fr. Chad Ripperger who has denounced this proposition. My loyalty is to Our Lord and His Vicar, the Roman Pontiff, HH Pope Benedict XVI.

        I am nearly finished with Socci’s book, “The Secret of Benedict XVI: Is He Still the Pope?”. I will read Acosta’s book next followed by Fr. Kramer.

      2. I am not a priest, so I do not have a conflict of interest regarding whether to say or not say Pope Francis in the canon of the Mass. Father Ripperger names Bergoglio….

  3. It’s God’s House so if He decides to take away the Keeper of the Keys leaving it open to Modernist tyrannists allowing them to distort the Liturgy & Doctrine of His Church then that is His decision. It is to be expected He will redeem the situation in His own time through Our Lady’s Triumph. He assured us that those who persevered would be saved!

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