Slovenia: Massive Protests against DeathVaxx Passport Phase 2

by FromRome.Info’s Correspondent in Slovenia

The Slovenian govt has mandated the latest covid nonsense last Saturday night, which was then implemented this Wednesday morning (as discussed in your article).
A huge crowd of peaceful protesters from all over Slovenia gathered in the capital of Ljubljana, in front of the Slovenian parliament, at about 6pm on Wednesday night, to object the draconian covid rules. There were about 30K people in the main square as well as all the surrounding streets (the main stream media as usual lied by saying there were about 8K people).
It was great to finally see such a great turn out of freedom-loving people (I was there). The feeling was really powerful. It was a peaceful protest. I left at about 8.30pm, when a handful of hooligans (it is suspected they were hired and paid by the govt to start a provocation) started to throw pyrotechnic material at the police in front of the parliament. The police soon responded with extremely high number of tear gas cans, water cannon, rubber bullets to disperse the public. All these were fired at the peaceful crowd, which included young kids as well.
The Slovenian govt is so far not backing down from their latest draconian rules, which are still in place as of today.
The petrol stations gave up checking the covid passes by about midday on Wednesday (after only 4 hours since the implementation of the draconian rules), as many people in several Slovenian cities blocked the petrol pumps. Some people left their cars at the pumps and walked off, as they were unable to fill the tanks. The pumps were actually locked and unless you showed the covid pass to some purposefully hired student or security minion at the station, the pumps remained locked and you could not fill up the car.
Below are the links from the Wednesday protest. The recordings are published by one of the main stream media, which described the protest as extremely violent and showed the footage mainly from 20.30pm onward.

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3 thoughts on “Slovenia: Massive Protests against DeathVaxx Passport Phase 2”

  1. The time for being nice, polite & law-abiding has gone. These people treat the public (their employers) as dirt to be trampled on. Are they so dumb as not to see the NWO is using them & that when they have done their bidding they’ll come for themselves & their families. Civil disobedience on a very large & worldwide scale is needed & should have started at the beginning of this tyranny in order to prevent these demons from getting a headstart.

  2. This despicable deathvaxx pass also includes 2 other options and is part of the so-called “PCT” requirement: recovered (P), vaxxed (C) and tested (T) in the last 48 (rapid antigen test) or 72 (PCR test) hours. The latter option (“T”) might be taken away soon if the technocrats so decide, leaving only P and C, thereby increasing coercion to get the vile deathjab (first for government employees, i.e., civil servants such as police, armed forces, etc.).

    It is clear that this “PCT decree” is a blatant example of “lex iniusta” – an unjust law that Catholics are obliged to refuse, not to abide by and not to implement. However, our Slovenian Bishops’ Conference (SBC) submits to this dictatorial decree issued by our now-tryrannical government (just insert the text on this website into Google Translate):

    I apologize for being somwehat pharisaical-ish for the rest of this comment, but there are certain questions which have been on my mind for a long time and which I consider important for the formation of my conscience.

    Now, dear Br. Alexis, I respect your advice, therefore I have some questions for you as to the character and gravity of crimes against God and His Church that this deatvaxx pass represents in relation to Catholic worship, as this sanitary apartheid requirements are also in force for attending Holy Mass: how grave a crime is it for secular authorities to impose such a requirement on the Catholic Church; for our bishops to comply with this wicked decree; for parish priests and laypeople to check if their fellow churchgoers meet the aforementioned “PCT” requirement?

    What can and ought we as Catholics do if we are refused entry into church in order to attend Holy Mass and/or receive the Sacraments on the grounds of this “lex iniusta”? I mean, in obedience to God’s Law, the Ten Commandments, the Precepts of the Church and the supreme law of love of God and love of neigbor and love of one’s enemies? In other words: What is the appropriate proportionality of self-defense if a certain person physically denies the right to the faithful to maintain or regain their life of the soul? What are the faithful allowed to do to defend against such a person?

    What am I as a layperson allowed to do inside a consecrated church building in terms of defending the Most Holy Eucharist in the Tabernacle and/or on the altar from profanation by an intruder in case he/she tries to interrupt the Liturgy and steal/profanate the Blessed Sacrament? Is physical force allowed against such a person?

    What am I as a layperson allowed (and obliged) to do in terms of defending a priest/cleric/fellow laypeople against intruders inside a church, e.g., a health inspector, police officer or some other government official harrassing people by demanding they produce the deathvaxx pass or be fined and removed from church? Should we resist – even physically – or should we accept the abuse and persecution in silence?

    Is self-defense by using lethal force against an aggressor who threatens to use lethal force inside a consecrated church allowed? Namely, it is a holy place and bloodshed desecrates it, right?

    This issue is more relevant to people who are allowed by their states to possess arms and know how to use them; we in Slovenia are predominantly a defenseless, unarmed & untrained bunch left at the mercy of abusive government and its armed officials if they go astray: If a person implementing an unjust law bears arms, e.g., a police officer, a soldier, a private security guard, etc., does the proportionality of self-defense allow for the assumption that they are by default an aggressor with deadly intent as they can use the weapons they carry at any moment and are to be defended against by lethal force as soon as they implement an unjust law? Even if they do not (yet) point a weapon or threaten to use it?

    And, finally, how are we to understand the following passage from the Holy Bible as regards self-defense by physical force, including arms? Mt 26:52: “[52] Then Jesus saith to him: Put up again thy sword into its place: for all that take the sword shall perish with the sword.”

    Many thanks for your consideration of this post and for your patience in reading and answering it.

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