3 thoughts on “USA: 73% of those who think Bergoglio is the Pope have taken the DeathVaxx”

  1. More than 82%, actually.

    “The vaccination rate among White evangelical Protestants continues to lag behind those of other major religious groups: 57% of White evangelicals say they have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, compared with 73% of White Protestants who are not evangelicals, 75% of religiously unaffiliated adults and 82% of Catholics.”

    I write more than 82%, because in many ways Traditional / Actual Catholics are far more like White evangelical Protestants than Novus Ordo “Catholics”, especially of the Bergoglian variety.

  2. What made Catholics who took the vaxx, think that Bergoglio was the Pope? Something needs to be addressed here. From what my scant knowledge tells me about Catholicism a Pope can never resign.

    1. Benedict was driven out of power long before the Death Vaxx. That was back in Feb. 2013. A pope can abdicate, but no pope has ever retired. Benedict’s resignation is a retirement, not an abdication, but the Ecclesiastical Mafia and international Freemasonry published it to the world as an abdication. So 60% of Catholics still think Bergoglio is the pope, even though he cannot be, because you cannot be elected pope while another pope lives and has not yet abdicated.

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