Australia: In Melbourne the people have realized that they are more powerful

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7 thoughts on “Australia: In Melbourne the people have realized that they are more powerful”

  1. Nasis dont care.And this is Nazi plan for war…first tactic: Unleash a virus to prepare the people for the next step. It’s not my opinion.Its written in their documents.


  2. That video made me very, very happy.

    We have to remember that these people are not “police officers” as we have always understood that term. Police Officers protect and defend a nation’s Constitution and all legitimate laws that are duly enacted. These are Agents of a tyrannical State. Quite literally they are the modern equivalent of Brown Shirts … Green Vests, I suppose. They are the muscle that allows the tyrannical State to suppress and ultimately kill legitimate Constitution based representative government. They are the Borg that compels submission to that which must never be allowed. I hate the “green vests” no less than their masters that give them their marching orders.

    The force with which the “People” overran this line of State Agents was beautiful to see. Force was met with force. Spray was met with fist. Those who fell were retrieved from the predictable circle of State Agents picking off the weak and injured for interrogation and punishment – *retrieved and saved!*. Beautiful. Now that’s Australia! May their tribe increase.

  3. Any cop who decides to throw punches while a crowd of men are running at him (instead of running for his life) is an idiot and deserves a stomp down.

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