BigTech Begins to Block emails from FromRome.Info

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

For more than an month numerous subscribers to notifications or comments, here at FromRome.Info have complained about not receiving any more emails from FromRome.Info.

This is not because anything FromRome.Info is doing, but rather because numerous servers round the web have begun to block emails from FromRome.Info.

If you use any of the following email services, you MAY find it impossible to receive email from our server:

Subscribe to Comments discontinued

Also I wish to notify all my readers that I have discontinued the option of subscribing to comments, because the software being used there was incapable of preventing fake email address from being inserted. Also certain individuals misused the system to attempt to dominate the discussion here at FromRome.Info and steer it back to adoring the Masonic Leaders of the world who are experts at mass deception. I am sorry for the lack of convenience this presents to faithful readers, but until I find a solution to this security problem, we will have to all rough it.

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9 thoughts on “BigTech Begins to Block emails from FromRome.Info”

  1. I wondered why no emails were forthcoming. My own address begins with a ‘g’–I’m sure you can guess the rest.

  2. I use Mozilla Thunderbird and have gotten no notices from From Rome. I even have trouble getting some of my own e-mails out having them rejected as “possible spam.”

  3. Also when I try to donate after filling out the form completely it does not take. And why doe s “+1 ” appear in the box for our phone number? If this a prefix it should be 1+! I cannot erase it to put our proper number in the box. Then additionally I get a “Looks like you have already signed in. ” And “log into your account.” I do not have and do not want an account with Pay Pal. Is this required now? It did not used to be.

    1. The international dialing code for the USA is +1. While in the USA we write it 1-, nevertheless that is not how it is written by PayPal which follows the international standard. When writing a phone number online, you should omit a () and – from the standard USA format and simply put the numbers. If the +1 appears already, then no need to write 1- before your full phone number’s area code

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