Italy: Grand Master of the Masonic Lodge hails the DeathVaxx Passport

English Summary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In this brief but revealing report on Italian TV channel, Casa SoleTV, reports that the Grand Master Stefano Bisi of the Grand Orient of Italia, here at Rome, has welcomed the DeathVaxx Passport obligation.

The Lodges will require the Passport, Mask and temperature measurement for all entering their lodges.

Luciano Romali, the Sovereign Gran Master of the Grand Lodge of Italia declared that the DeathVaxx is the “only way way to leave behind” the Covid threat.

Italian Freemasons have always pushed vaccines. Luigi Sacco, who in the 19th century convinced many Catholic clergy to preach vaccines, an effort which let to the vaccination of 130 thousand in northern Italia.

The Masonic doctrine of vaccination was stated explicitly in the novel by Simon Walter, who wrote, “Vaccination is the medical sacrament which corresponds to Baptism”.

If you wish to know why Bergoglio is 100% behind the Death Vaxx, as a “act of love”, then it is sufficient to know that, according to the Vatican official charged with security in Argentina, Jorge Mario Bergoglio is a freemason, as FromRome. Info has previously reported, citing the video testimony of a noted Argentine journalist on national television.

The Roman Pontiffs have every condemned Freemasonry. The Holy Inquisition was the first organization to ever investigated them, way back in the 1730’s.  To be a member of the Lodge is an act of apostasy, which merits automatic excommunication as per canon 1324, since it is a consummate treachery against the obligations of Baptism. For a brief history, see here and here.

FromRome.Info has published numerous articles on the topic of Freemasonry which can be found by using the search engine on this site, found at the top of the page, and searching for the words Freemason or Freemasonry, or Masonic or Mason.

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6 thoughts on “Italy: Grand Master of the Masonic Lodge hails the DeathVaxx Passport”

  1. Whoever doesn’t realize by now that muzzles are part of a massive occult initiation ritual probably also believes in unicorns, flying pigs, the tooth fairy, and… that anti-pope , ehem “pope” Bergoglio preaches pure, unadulterated Catholicism…

  2. A good way of manipulating the simple minded to following rules for fools. Monkey see monkey do principle. All sham and show.

  3. “Vaccination is the medical sacrament which corresponds to Baptism”. The quote was made by Samuel Bucket…

    1. You couldn’t make this stuff up, even if you tried:
      Jonas Salk, inventor of the polio vaccine, admits his quack-ccine causes the disease it is meant to prevent!!!

      It’s pretty evident to me this fellow was part of the “death cult” currently leading the world into an abyss… I can imagine a couple of years from now, Faux-ci being forced to retire in disgrace due to millions of casualties from the convid quack-ccine, and once in relative obscurity nonchalantly shrugging his shoulders during an interview carefully concealed to the public by the MSM, “Yeah, we pretty much knew the quack-, I mean vaccine was a failure, but hey, they were desperately asking for a solution, and you know, we had to deliver, so there it is… But the herculean effort involved and Drumpf’s WARP speed op was not all to waste. Right now the NIH is working on the latest state-of-the art gene altering technology that is fool-proof for any potential adverse effects, coupled with a brain modifying technology that will hook up everyone to the ´’cloud’. I bright, bright, future is ahead for humanity, trust me…”

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