4 thoughts on “La Lettre Ouvert du Prieur de la Sainte-Baume aux Pasteurs”

  1. Reading this piece from beginning to end, not once, but twice, I ask myself, “What’s his point? To ‘observe’ that there is a radical split of attitude amongst those claiming to belong to the Mystical Body over what ought/ought not be the Christian stance in face of the proposed/enforced deathjab?” As was once said to another long ago: you may retire to the obscurity from which you momentarily arose.
    Pastors can’t even be depended upon in this era infested with Modernism to teach/form the Faithful in the necessary means of salvation; how can they possibly hold themselves credible to pontificate about healthcare choices? Had they ever cared about the lies promoted by the civic arm against THAT concern, exorcisms of dioceses to confront abortion demons would have commenced in earnest decades ago.
    There is, however, hope that this measure, an awesome prerogative of the apostolic office may even soon begin to be implemented, at least in some unsung quarters….

  2. I quote the sentences of the open letter which strike me and make me understand the insanity of the pandemic we have been living in now for several months : “Que faut-il penser de cette situation dans laquelle l’état prend des moyens démesurés pour guérir une personne de plus de 90 ans et qui nous emmène par ailleurs vers l’euthanasie ?” “What one needs to think about a situation in which the State takes all necessary means to cure a 90 year-old person and which leads us towards euthanasia ?” “que faut-il penser de la culpabilisation que l’on fait porter aujourd’hui à une femme enceinte qui ne veut pas être vaccinée, alors que ce même état prône l’avortement ?” “What one needs to think about the guilt that they put on pregnant women that they want to get vaccinated, whereas the State accepts abortion ?” Yes this prior of the very place where Saint Mary-Magdalen spent 30 years of her time doing penance has pointed out the fact that those who make the dogma of staying alive whatsoever, accept abortion and euthanasia. The governments are liars when they say it’s for life. It’s actually for death. I dread what Brother Alexis Bugnolo saidin his June 18th 2021 video is going to happen, unfortunately (billions of people will die in 2 years) as it feels very much like it. We will see. Nothing happens without the permission of God.

  3. Soon the military that have taken the jab will start dying. And those countries will not have defenses. The ex military or those that did not take the jab will be the only ones left to defend their own countries. Now think what is going to happen when those that are were part of the new world order and took fake or placebo jabs in order to coarse the uninformed to take the real jab.

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