Nearly all of the 13 Cardinals who got “the Virus”, had taken the DeathVaxx

Or how, if you accept the Anti-Pope and reject Canon law and the true Pope, you will pay for it in this world as well as in eternity.

Note this story proves that whatever is being diagnosed as Covid-19, it is not prevented by whatever kind of Vaxx was given to the elites of this world

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6 thoughts on “Nearly all of the 13 Cardinals who got “the Virus”, had taken the DeathVaxx”

      1. Burke is not one to punch back…. that is one of his character traits that I admire the least, I would have to say…

  1. Feast of San Eustachio
    20 September, MMXXI A. D.

    Ana, Cardinal Burke is on record against the liceity of the poison death shots. It’s not a rumor at all. They are not vaccines, however, as it turned out, as you know.

    The good cardinal stated his position, before the poison death shots were inflicted on the world, in an address to the Roman Life Forum in Rome on May 20, 2020 A. D:

    “With regard to [Covid] vaccination, it must be clear that it is never morally justified to develop a vaccine through the use of the cell lines of aborted fetuses. The thought of the introduction of such a vaccine into one’s body is rightly abhorrent.”

    Cardinal Burke thus stands squarely with the authentic Magisterium and perennial Catholic teaching, as opposed to the swill we get these days from the faux C. D. F. under Antipope “Francis.”

    Cardinal Burke should realize however that the real plague upon mankind in spheres of both Church and State is Antipope “Francis.”

    But he does not.

    Rather, as his recent comments on Traditiones Custodes (anagram “IDIOT! ASS! DESTRUCTION!”) show, he pathetically accepts the false premise that Bergoglio is pope. An argument must proceed from true premises or the argument will fail, my dear Eminence.

    The Destroyer of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass of the Ages, in fact the Destroyer for eight years of Holy Mother Church, can be pope, in the Cardinal’s estimation. And this, despite a patently obvious resignation of ministry and not munus.

    The former chief judge of the Church apparently overlooks this omission in the Declaratio and Canon 332(2).

    As if Pope Benedict–himself with 25 years at the C.D.F. enforcing the law; and with 50 years plus experience as a theologian who fully realizes the distinction between munus and ministerium in both canon law and theology (as he edited and wrote about it since 1970)–could have made a mistake in failing, refusing, and declining to renounce the Petrine Charge or Mandate (the munus) in the Declaratio.

    That’s not realistically or remotely possible for a man of Pope Benedict’s intelligence.

    Like Fra Alexis, I lament the good Cardinal’s own failure to name and attack the false pope, Antipope “Francis.” Likewise, I lament the good Cardinal’s own refusal to defend Holy Mother Church, and to defend and name the true pope, Pope Benedict.

    Only Poland’s Archbishop John Paul Lenga–and 97 year old Bishop Rene Henry Gracida in the States–alone in the world among prelates, have had the courage and the honor to defend Pope Benedict in his hour of need.

    Lord be praised, in doing so they alone defend Holy Mother Church and the poor sheep led to slaughter by Antipope Bergoglio.

    State of Exception, anyone?

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