On October 1st, the Vatican goes into schism with the non-Vaxxed

As of October 1, no one who does not posses a DeathVaxx passport will be allowed entrance to the Vatican. This is to prevent the restoration of Pope Benedict XVI and any conclave which could elect someone opposed to the Great Reset

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11 thoughts on “On October 1st, the Vatican goes into schism with the non-Vaxxed”

  1. This also means that no true Catholic will be able to enter the Vatican – only fake Catholics belonging to the anti-church. This may be a blessing in disguise, to clear out the true believers before an Act of God destroys the corrupt Vatican.

  2. This is infuriating. Where are the bishops who should be protesting on behalf of their flocks? This is going to bring down another chastisement upon the whole world, just like the demon worship there did in October 2019.

    I wonder why all these places are using October 1 as the deadline. The school district in Virginia in which I taught for many years also used October 1 as the deadline. I immediately resigned when the policy was announced in August, and it has turned out to be a real blessing. I know they say let them fire you, but I believe it is better to resign as soon as they announce the policy. If you wait, that gives them time to hire your replacement.

  3. This law cannot last forever (neither Pope Benedict nor Jorge Bergoglio), & there is hardly a likelihood of a conclave before one or other man dies. If the satanic die-hards in the Vatican think they can prohibit God from entering His Church & escorting the prelate He has chosen to restore His Bride then they are moronic idiots who have already lost as Our Lady has crushed the head of the serpent & disclosed (at Quito) that the next holder of the PO has been chosen by Heaven for the purpose of restoring all things to Christ. We must laugh in the face of iniquity & place our complete confidence in Jesus & His Blessed Mother. It’s the only way to go!

    1. I believe as you do.
      Let the faithful remain steadfast and behold the Son of Man.
      This “pope” is an unholy imposter for the Vicar of Christ…..as other corrupt prelates before him.
      The serpent has slithered his way into a most holy place to plot destruction. But it’s evil intent will be thwarted.

  4. I do not recall Our Lady requiring that the Consecration of Russia needed to take place in Vatican City.

    Just over 15 months ago, Pope Benedict XVI surprised everyone by escaping briefly to Regensburg on a mercy mission to visit his elder brother.

  5. 1 October 1936 Francisco Franco became Nationalist regime leader in Spain and was declared head of State during early months of Spanish Civil War.

    1 October 1946 Verdict handed down on 22 of original 24 defendants at Nuremberg trials. (One of original 24 was declared unfit for trial and one committed suicide before the verdict.)

    1 October 1949 Establishment of People’s Republic of China by Communist People’s Liberation Army’s leader, Mao Zedong.

    1 October 2017 Stephen Paddock opened fire on a music festival from a hotel room in Las Vegas, killing 58 and wounding hundreds.

    1 October must be symbolic / significant to “thet powers that be”.

  6. Division in the Church over the two groups they have created, led by the false pope, and copied actions in many countries and churches, is only the beginning of the division. The big schism will come be over the teachings of Christ when they mandate the New World teachings (for want of a better phrase) removing and changing the Word of God in Holy Mass. Priests are already weak, especially those who accept the vaccine and division of their flock without question. They have a false sense of obedience and morality and no moral courage. They will accept, whether with trepidation or not, the new World Order and let it rule their Churches and flock. Our task is to pray for them and be God’s instruments by speaking to them so that they may not say that no-one tried or ‘if only we were warned’. In all charity, tell your priest: if you allow this division in your church, you will be held accountable before God.

  7. Satan probably did literally enter the Vatican on that fateful day on 12 Feb 2013 just hours after Benedict’s resignation announcement when a lightning bolt dramatically hit the cupola of St Peter’s basilica. What we are beholding now is the full fruit and manifestation of that demonic manifestation.

    Dear Lord Jesus, I praise and thank Thee for Thou has now clearly shown the world the great evil that his infested Thy Holy Church, with a manifestly evil and apostate imposter claiming to be Thy Vicar seated on the throne of St Peter; now finally the true Catholics are being separated from the Pharisees who have for so long usurped the title of Catholic but are nothing but Judases willing to bend their knee and worship Baal, rather than Thee, the only true God.

    “And he [Christ] said to them: I saw Satan like lightning falling from heaven.” Luke 10:18

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