Australia: In Melbourne Construction workers were threatened with the DeathVaxx Passport

A Big Mistake!

Massive numbers of Construction workers flooded into the city streets, chanting profanities!

Then they cornered the local office of the Union Representatives:

Then they showed the Union what they thought of their defense of their rights over the DeathVaxx Passport:

Then the Police made a mistake of responding…

Another shot from the Construction Workers point of view…

Who would ever have thought that Construction workers had more natural sense of liberty than all other classes?

Here’s a cheers to ever last one of them!

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10 thoughts on “Australia: In Melbourne Construction workers were threatened with the DeathVaxx Passport”

  1. Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ and his father, St Joseph were tektōn (Mark 6:3), which is often translated as carpenter, but also as fabricator, builder, handyman.

    Their clients probably included fisherman (fishing boat construction and repair) and homemakers, as well as small businesses.

    Construction workers are materialists in the most positive sense of the word, working with materials to construct and create structures to protect and convey others.

    It should be no surprise that they rely on visible, tangible evidence and can thetefore see through B.S. of the idolatrous covidian narrative.

    1. Very well put Mr Jackson!

      St Joseph, pray for the world, which has largely abandoned what is good and real. Pray for construction workers everywhere who generally grasp what is real and true. Jesus, deliver us from the Cult of Covid.

  2. Yes …. yes…. the construction WORKERS!
    (NO excuse for …profane, vulgar words, methinks.)

    However, looking back on the general lack of education and TRAINING for every boy & girl in the compulsory education Public School System, it is not surprising that those words used so freely these days … those disgusting words … are heard here, after 18 months of overt COVID abuse by governments and their accomplices against Families.

    The Head Quarters of the construction Union is in Melbourne.
    Victoria, Australia – They are a mixed bunch…..

    And the ACTU have been ..dancing in DAVOS with the W.E.F. Globalists, how many of them are hell bent on killing the people by experimental shots and the rest of the unconstitutional restrictions AND …and the banning of antiviral medicine to make sure we do not get well if infected, and also deprive us of the simple means to prevent infection, is not clear at this stage from where i stand.

    Let me give You some promising news from the Supreme Court in Sydney New South Wales Australia today 22 September 2021.
    G&B Lawyers represented a Police-woman (mother of 4) against the monstrous Health Minister Mr. Hazzard for putting her in a situation that required her to take the covid shots or be dismissed from her job. She was victorious! Settled out of court in a hurry!
    Mr. Hazzard’s callous disregard for lif has been viewed world wide

    Today, from the outcome of this case at the Supreme Court of Sydney New South Wales Australia, millions of people wronged by the State … must take hope! and follow her example.

    In God we trust as we rely on good Australian lawyers to defend us in Court …. from our criminal elected governments and public servants.

    Luciana (feeling the consequences of a very stressful time since EVENT 2O1 in 2019……so help me Dear Good God!)

  3. It is never necessary or proper to use profanity. The use of profanity is a sin against God and thus a sin against the inherent Dignity of man.

    1. Being a Vietnam vet, especially during the Tet Offensive, I can tell you that profanity when under stress can be appropriate even if it’s just to relieve the tensions. Of course, you are correct that bad language is not what God wants from us but He neither wants to see His beloved children mistreated by political hacks who only want to hold power over us. I could go on but the left has put us into a corner. fwiw.

  4. The world needs those Bravehearts. Strong & sensible people who speak out and act from their Freedom within. Not afraid to stand up against the Covid Cult.

  5. I know construction and heavy machine operators have a good sense of natural justice. My husband is one of them. As he said to me, when your back is against the wall, you fight. These people are faced with dangerous situations every day. They also
    see hypocrisy on a daily basis under the Health and Safety (so-called) regime (mostly about box-ticking for potential lawsuit purposes). A mistake can cost lives. and they rely on their experience and sixth sense. As for the swearing , that’s pretty much how Aussies are. To my mind, it is immaterial, when health, life and freedom are at stake.

  6. It is indeed very sad and disturbing to see this situation in the year we celebrate the120th anniversary of the opening of our First Parliament. in Melbourne. in 1901 The union in question once was a mediator between people and government but when the union sides with a treachourous government what hope can one give to the workers? There was an earthquake in that state this morning. One asks for prayers for some-one with Grace to settle this dispute fairly.So help us GOD!

  7. I was wondering when the real Aussies would show up. Strong, independent and no nonsense, practical men who won’t back down from a fight. Australia used to be full of those types. Tough as nails, free and fearless. Real men, not the sissified, girly men that the Globalist school system is producing.

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