One thought on “Frank Walker: The Church of Cain has outlawed Abel”

  1. Courageous point about the proxy of Cain running a VaxChurch. Concurring completely, albeit months ago, Jon Rappoport wrote: ” In case you need to be reminded, the RNA COVID vaccines are genetic treatments. The PR pros tell us they are working quite well. And they’re remarkably safe. If you’re buying that line, I have electric cars for sale. And they have wings. One charge in your garage, and they’ll get you from Earth to Mars in just under two hours…
    [Look at] the castle they, the insane ones, are building for us. The castle of their dead language and their tattered false logic and their iron bands of materialistic control; their newspeak and lab speak and germ speak and protection-racket speak and payoff speak and robot speak and techno-speak and data speak and modeling speak and squeeze-play speak and propaganda speak and mapping speak.
    All the languages are separate from LIFE.”

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