Australia: Gestapo unleashed against 3rd Day of Construction Workers Protest

And at the National War Memorial, the Police open fire on the crowds:
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4 thoughts on “Australia: Gestapo unleashed against 3rd Day of Construction Workers Protest”

  1. What a horrible exhibition of how low the Australian police have fallen – acting on orders, obviously, but happy to do so.
    And we in Canada could be in the same boat soon. Though I understand that many retired cops have joined protesters at their rallies and marches.

    1. Our God-given freedoms seem to have been delusional. If there’s one huge benefit President Trumps victory over the ruling elites has provided for the world; it’s the exposure of the forces, their motives, plans and manipulation. Their fury destroyed the plastic surgery masks and pretty words to awaken “The People” and we can NEVER sleep in pretense again.

      There is going to be blood and death regardless of submission or rebellion. For me; we serve the Lord Jesus Christ and that means the only recourse is “Freedom” even at the cost of death.

  2. Since National Socialists were skeptical of vaccines and ruthless against anyone who infringed on the safety and well-being of German Citizens, the Gestapo would have been arresting the Big Pharma C.E.O.s and their lying Media Contractors.

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