USA: In Florida those asking for the Flu Shot are being DeathVaxxed without consent

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3 thoughts on “USA: In Florida those asking for the Flu Shot are being DeathVaxxed without consent”

  1. DEMANDING vaccine with virus having a survival rate of 99.89% among all groups; except Seniors, is INSANE.

    Bio-Chemists/Pharmacists/Virologists…WHAT IS IN THESE BIO-WEAPON vaccines? Is there anybody out there trustworthy; or, is EVERYBODY bought and paid-for by the demonic UNELECTED Globalist NWO Communists now seeking to CONTROL everyone and everything rationalized by their new gods “RACISM!” and “CLIMATE CHANGE!”?

  2. The same thing happened at our drug store in Suffolk, Virginia last week. My husband and I went into the drug store for Flu shots and we were both given Pfizer Covid-19 shots. All of our confirmations for the appointment said FLU including the on-line confirmation when I made the appointment and both the text and email confirmations. We walked in, filled out another form specifying FLU vaccine. The pharmacist quickly gave us the shot in our right arms and then as we were getting ready to leave, my husband, who is a physician, wanted to confirm that we in fact got the flu shot. The pharmacist said no we got the Pfizer covid-19 shot. The pharmacist didn’t seem too concerned and said he was sorry about the mistake and it must be “divine intervention”! My husband then got the actual FLU shot in his right arm and I was told to wait 28 days to get my flu shot because of lymph nodes being removed twice from right arm. If I had ever decided to get the covid shot I would have gone to my own doctor and she would have given it to me in my thigh as recommended in the case of breast cancer survivors. I hesitate to name the pharmacy because we have contacted several lawyers and so far have been told by all of them that we don’t have a case since there is has been no harm done (so far). That is not the point at all and we are both furious that this has happened.

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