3 thoughts on “Gotti Tedeschi: The Pandemic is a tool of the Great Reset”

  1. Why can’t most people see what is going on? They have been socially conditioned. I am flabbergasted.

  2. For some reason, some of us can see thru things and see things for what they really are.
    Not sure why that is, unless we are chosen ones, and then the rest are also woken up to join the good side.
    Many people are older, and unfortunately put their trust in what is said on TV. Then you have those that are presented with the overwhelming evidence and facts, the truth, but rather mock or troll people online and in real life. They rather spit in your face, and call you names, then see things for what they truly are. They think they are the wise ones, and smart ones, and that you are dumb or believe in misinformation, conspiracy theories. Many of those people are dead now, as they gladly took the devils poison. I have personal experiences with the devil trying to lure me in and corrupt me thru my life. It’s a really tough fight to stay sane, and not falling deep into darkness, with all the different encounters and temptations and empty promises the devil fools us with. It took me years to figure it out that it was the devil behind it all. I have saved my family, by doing research about this non medical pandemic, or scamdemic. I noticed early on that many things didn’t add up. It also showed the typical coverup template when stories keep changing, lies after lies, and so on. It just got worse, and creepier, scarier, up to today. If you can’t see that there is another level to this, after how people are treated like slaves or subhumans, based on articles and videos from around the world, then you must already be doomed, and got your preview of hell before death.
    How do you wake up people pretending to be asleep?

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