Br. Bugnolo condemned on Reddit for promoting insubordination to Bergoglio

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In ages past, everyone recognized what kind of character calumniated others under anonymous names. Today the Globalists have taught the world to take it as an honorable profession by creating social media in which you can present yourself with a fake name. I like giving voice to my enemies, when they reveal their real motivations. Here is a group of Mask-loving, Bergoglio-loving, free-business hating, tax-loving “Catholic” socialists who really do not like me. — I am honored! At least they got my gender right.

This page at Reddit reminds me of my article, “Separated from the True Pope you won’t remain Catholic for long“. But now that Bergoglio teaches that taking the DeathVaxx is an “act of love” — this seems a reference to sodomitic rape — I could update the title to, “Join with the False Prophet, you won’t remain alive for long”.

Next week, over at Ordo Militaris Radio TV, A. J. Baalman and I will discuss the plot hatched by the CIA in 1953 to take down the Catholic Church and connect the dots between them and so many of the enemies of Benedict XVI, which are the enemies of all true Catholics. Stay tuned!

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8 thoughts on “Br. Bugnolo condemned on Reddit for promoting insubordination to Bergoglio”

  1. Take heart brother Jesus said:. If the world hates you, know that it has hated me before you. This is actually a good sign because we are called to be Christians to serve and love God and not the world.

    It would be more worrying if the world loved us because then we would enemies of God.

  2. “Be careful of a man calling himself Br. Alexis Bugnolo”, and not of a heretic-in-white masquerading in front of the world’s cameras as a “pope” (I’d argue his acting skills need some major improvement) who daily appears to take some sort of perverted pleasure in presenting to the world his warped, humanistic version of “Catholicism” (which includes such things as denying the existence of a Catholic God, promoting Pantheism via Teilhardianism, mocking and blaspheming Our Lady, and etc ad infinitum), while promoting that Catholics be morally raped with an experimental witches brew developed by the god of pharmakeia… Ok, so this is the level of hypocrisy and absurdity that so called “Catholics” have stooped to these days, modern reincarnations of the Pharisees of old.

    1. They must really hate me. They even mention that I fingered a group of pedos. That is why they really hate me, I think.

  3. Brother, we need more men like you, men who speak the truth without trying to dress it up.
    I’m constantly being called a conspiracy theorist – but when I see who is doing the calling, I see the lukewarm, the enemies of Christ, the liberal lot. So I am in good company, like you, though your work for God is much greater than mine. I do my best. An Irish/Canadian grandmother!

  4. Dearest Brother,

    I commented on reddit. Suggested they contact Excellency R H Gracida (about your bona fides), if they are capable of getting on & sending him an email.
    Meanwhile, my Brother in Christ Jesus, know that I’m praying for you daily, especially for Jesus’s particular support about your new ministry. I hope you’ll share a memo with us so we can travel that holy journey with you also.
    As Ven Abp FJ Sheen always said:

    from Sacramento CA USA,
    Stay Free.
    Remember Eternity.

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