3 thoughts on “Cardinal Pell: I never really approved of Pope Benedict XVI’s decision to resign”

  1. “The Benedict option is not my option. I’m not sympathetic to just a small, little elite church.”

    “I would like to keep as many of the semi-religious slobs like myself in the stream.”

    Cardinal George Pell.

  2. Today’s Princes of the Church are by their own admission semi-religious slobs. And this from the so-called ‘conservatives.’

    What is the worth of anything that such a man as Pell wants to conserve.

    The biggest howler from this interview is:
    Pell: “[Francis has the] great gift of empathy and sympathy.”

    From one alpha Diabolical Narcissist to another.

    Can anyone name any greater polar opposite traits to Bergoglio–characteristics that most define who he’s not–than empathy and sympathy.

    Antipope “Franciscus,” Destructor et Vastator

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