Draghi Minister for Ecological Transition: We must reduce the World population to 3 Billion!

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The talk is from 2014, but that you promote someone with such ideas to Minister for Ecological Transition “kind of gives the biggest confirmation of what you are up to” with your “creative destruction” goals, through “vaccinations” and DeathVaxx passports.

The Minister is the man speaking in the video. His name is Roberto Cingolani. Here is more on him. Most notably, he was Chief Technical Operations officer at Leonardo SpA, the Italian Defense Contractor accused of participating in the vote-counting fraud in the USA 2020 Presidential Election.  Chief Technical Operations officer means that you could have known everything about using your systems to commit voting fraud, if you wanted to.

See how these things connect?

The talk is in Italian, there is no English translation yet.

Chiedo aiuto di un italiano per trascrivere il discorso affinché io possa tradurlo in inglese.

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6 thoughts on “Draghi Minister for Ecological Transition: We must reduce the World population to 3 Billion!”

  1. This isn’t new in 2014 or now. Ideas, literature and tech advances of the sixties and seventies surrounded this and it was commonly imagined and spoken of in high schools and universities at that time. The reality of the Globalist NWO Communist Mob’s agenda is terrifying and only Jesus Christ can stop the evil of this present darkness. Jesus Christ is the only hope any of we humans have and so we must STAND when necessary with prudence, deal with evil while NOT tolerating it or spreading it and praying…Lots and lots of praying to know how and when to serve according to the Lord. God bless whomever this is in your ministry. In Jesus name. Amen.

    1. And, yes…There is full awareness of the Mob actually being “Freemasons” which is understood to be referred to as “Mitre” in NYC…An organization theorized to have manufactured 9/11 which the Bush presidents were members of.

      Impossible to deny the times currently lived…The Bible is guide and Jesus the way, the truth and the life.

  2. Sorry I disagree.
    We do not need to reduce the population.
    That is a myth.

    We are not over-popuated. That is a DEEP STATE myth
    to continue defending their New World Order and Agenda 2030.

    I trust you but not with this. Regards, Mary

  3. iI did a copy of the authomatic translation of the video:
    i can send you by email, if you indicate me one.

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