Pope Alexander IV would condemn Bergoglio as a heretic

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

To any Catholic with a simple sense of the Faith, what Bergoglio did in attending and worshiping before the idol of Pachamama on Oct. 3, 2019 was an act of idolatry and apostasy. But since that time, many a Bergoglian apologist has sought to insist that Bergoglio was not ipso fact thrust out of the Church, as are all apostates. They argue that worshiping another God may violate the First Commandment, but it does not constitute rejection of the true God.

Here is the video proof:

This is utter nonsense, since the First Commandment forbids absolutely that one have other gods alongside the true God.

It is also utter nonsense, since the worship of idols involves an act of heresy. Yet to this third charge, the Bergoglians have marshaled a strong defense by claiming that no pope has classified idolatry as heresy.

Well in this they lie, because Pope Alexander IV (Dec. 12, 1254 to May 25, 1261 A. D.), in his Bull, Quod super nonnullis, wrote the following:

Crimes involving magic should be left to local authorities unless they had “knowledge of manifest heresy to be involved”, wherein “manifest heresy” included “praying at the altars of idols, to offer sacrifices, to consult demons, [or] to elicit responses from them”*

Canon 1364, by imposing ipso facto excommunication latae sententiae immediately thrusts out of the Catholic Church all who commit public acts of heresy, apostasy, or schism and show no repentance.  This must include, therefore, in accord with the Bull of Alexander IV, all who attended and participated in the adoration of Pachamama on Oct. 3, 2019 in the Garden of the Vatican, and on Oct. 4, 2021 in the Basilica of St. Peter the Apostle at the Vatican.

That means no one can reasonably argue that Jorge Mario Bergoglio holds any office in the Church, since as canon 1331, teaches, those who are excommunicated can obtain no dignity, office or munus in the Church.


** Cited from the Wikipedia article on Pope Alexander IV, which in turn cites A. Tomassetti (ed.), Bullarum, Diplomatum et Privilegiorum Sanctorum Romanorum Pontificum Taurensis editio (Turin 1858), pp. 663–666, no. XLVI.

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