Now is the time to launch the Counter-Reset

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Now that teams of scientists from all over the world have examined thousands of vials of the DeathVaxx serums, we have all the evidence to charge our national leaders with crimes against humanity.

The time has come for a counter-Reset, that is a counter-Plandemic. We need to unite in a common informational war against the Globalists shouting this phrase!


We must seek capital punishment for everyone involved in the scamdemic, in the United Nations, our National Governments, in industry and finance, and in medical institutions.

We must insist that:

  1. They all be brought to trial.
  2. Their entire assets be confiscated.
  3. They be given the death sentence.
  4. Punishments be extended not only to those who knew this was a crime against humanity, but to those who looked the other way because they were promised a place in the new world order, or money or benefits etc..

The companies involved must have all their property and assets confiscated. Their major stockholders should be held liable for the crimes against humanity also.

The entire wealth of the Globalist elite must go to recompense the murders and economic losses.

If we unite together and beat this drum and chant this war chant, we will prevail and truly solve the problem. We cannot afford to let these demons live.


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5 thoughts on “Now is the time to launch the Counter-Reset”

  1. Hate to be rude…. But do you really need this?

    I am sure if you used your Natural Law perspective, you would come up with at least 20 charges…. On your own against humanity.

    Start with the Ten Commandments… Then go from there. Think of the harm to yourself, your children, and children’s children.

    Hints: Federal Reserve, Conspiracy, Coercion, Racketeering, malfeasance, False Witness, …..

  2. TAKE A STAND against COVID-TYRANNY THIS SATURDAY, October 2nd in Springfield, IL. at the CAPITOL BUILDING.

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