Bergoglio hails the Kalergi Plan for the post Scamdemic World

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

He ordered all the Catholic Churches closed world wide in March of 2020.

He ordered all the Bishops to enforce masks and social distancing in Churches and the Blessed Sacrament dropped like a cookie into hands.

He is now ordering all seminaries and priests in the world to be DeathVaxxed.

He called the suicidal taking of the Death Vaxx and “act of love”, in some sort of diabolic comparison to an act of sodomitic rape.

And now he calls all of this a trial, which we must endure. As if he is a pedophile explaining to a boy whom he just raped, how he should act when he returns home, using our Holy Religion to condone and cover the worse crimes against humanity.

The Klaus Schwab, Skull and Bones, Nazi family, Sabbatean Jewish view of the New World Order aims at achieving a reduction of world population from the present 7 Billion to 1 Billion. Keeping 50% of Japan and China, and reducing the rest of the world to no more than 10%, and then giving/selling the real estate of the dead to the Chinese and Japanese races, thus destroying Western Civilization forever.

For more on the Kalergi Plan, see here.

Perhaps now you can recognize that this man is not the vicar of Jesus Christ, he is the vicar of the Antichrist?

If you cannot, you are probably possessed already.


CREDITS: A meme in the public domain. No image of Bergoglio angry or frustrated appears any longer in Google image searches, since Google has scrubbed its archive at request of the Argentine in the Vatican.

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5 thoughts on “Bergoglio hails the Kalergi Plan for the post Scamdemic World”

  1. Dear Br. Bugnolo,

    I wanted to ask you if you coul explain what in the world is going on with Comunion an Liberation and anti pope Bergoglio??

  2. Bergoglio is probably the damned False Prophet of Revelation. They should burn him at the stake NOW as the warlock he is and bury his ashes with cloves of garlick!!!

  3. Dear Brother Bugnolo:

    I am not convinced by your argument against Vigano. Aren’t you merely coloring your argument “Catholic” and Vigano’s “Masonic”. Your argument proposes action taken by Roman jurisdictions that may well be in total control of conciliar new church hierarchy. Who within such named jurisdictions are to initiate your proposed Synod? You cite Synod of Sutri as Catholic precedent for action, but Catholic precedents have no purchase in counterfeit conciliar church.

    As made obvious by Bergoglio and new church hierarchy totally complying with fraudulent pandemic, Catholics have been abandoned and the bishops are wondering where we’ve gone.

    So, what are we to do except to hear Our Lord Jesus Christ assuring us where two or three are gathered in My Name I am in their midst, and to seek Our Lord with faithful priests. Isn’t this what Vigano proposes?

    1. Since the Holy Spirit rules the Church and no one can make Her do the contrary, the Holy Spirit will rule an official Synod to resolve the crisis, if it be called. But the clergy have to demand it be called, especially the clergy of Rome, of which Vigano is one of the highest members. If you doubt the Holy Spirit is the life of the Church as an institution, then you have fallen from the Catholic Faith into the heresy of Protestantism.

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