Dr. Taylor Marshal: “What do we see here? The Pope, if he is the Pope…”

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It is a hopeful sign that  Dr. Taylor Marshal is going to realign his thought with that of Pope Alexander IV, as FromRome.Info reported on the other day.

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6 thoughts on “Dr. Taylor Marshal: “What do we see here? The Pope, if he is the Pope…””

  1. Chickened out–“The pope, if he’s the pope –above my pay grade…”

    Is it above your pay grade, Dr. Marshall, to operate from the right and DUTY of your baptism to request an official examination of Pope Benedict’s Declaratio?

    No, it is everyone’s baptismal right and DUTY to request an official examination.

    Mother Angelica would be all over explaining to the sheep their right and DUTY just as Fr. Nicolas Gruner explained our duty to us. And Bp Emeritus Gracida.

    Dr. Marshall, you and I chatted about that same right and duty in your comments a couple years ago when you opined that munus and ministerium are used interchangeably even in Canon Law.

    Sheesh…. I’m not holding my breath for Dr Marshall’s “realignment” anytime soon.

  2. I was in the EWTN studio during this broadcast, and remember this well … I lived with Mother (most of the time as an extern sister) between the late 80s and mid-90s, and had never seen her so angry as she was that evening.

    Those were the days when we couldn’t go to doctor appointments, or shopping without an armed guard.

    Cdl. Casaroli was not our friend….

    1. @Lynn Colgan Cohen: From your time with Mother, would you say who IF any remaining USCCB bishops are silently among our allies for recognizing and restoring Pope Benedict XVI? Besides Bp Emeritus Gracida.

      1. Islam_Is_Islam, most—if not all—of the bishops and cardinals I knew back in the 80s and 90s have gone to their eternal reward. I worked as a producer at EWTN before entering religious life, and had gotten to know a few of them. Most of the bishops of that era were terrified of Mother Angelica, especially after her “traditional” awakening, which I believe was a due to a special grace because of prayers of some of the nuns who met during their free-time in every evening to pray the rosary for Mother. (There was “hell to pay” for this, as you can imagine the level of spiritual warfare happening there…Arroyo doesn’t know the half of it…consequently, there are some serious errors in his books.)

        Aside from Bp. Gracida, I don’t know of a single bishop now in the USA who is with us…although there may be a few who recognize Pope Benedict XVI “in pectore.” My guess is that there are some current ones who are simply be cowards, trying to fly below the Bergoglian radar.

        Among the best bishops I had met while working as a producer (and later as a nun) were Bishop Ito of Niigata and Archbishop Hannan of Louisiana.

        In 1994 I became seriously ill (with what has subsequently been diagnosed as SLE) and was denied the renewal of vows, and so was obliged to leave. Some years later I became a Secular Franciscan, but now I’m in self-exile because the OFS National Fraternity is thoroughly Bergoglian-Modernist-Apostate, and our local fraternity went largely berserk.

        If anyone knows of a faithful bishop or Cardinal who would consider welcoming truly CATHOLIC Franciscans under his wings, please let me know. Some of us have no place to go. Brother A has my contact info.

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