7 thoughts on “Netherlands: In Parliament MP Baudet denounces the Globalist Plan for World Extermination”

  1. Yes!! Go go go Thierry Baudet!!
    Thierry is our hero. Gets framed as a rightwing extremist, a racist and even antisemite 24/7 by main stream media and 95% of the politicians. They are afraid…but a million people in The Netherlands now better now. Exciting times are coming…

  2. De Heer Baudet sees the picture clearly. It is a mystery why so many people do not see what is happening with the same feeling of alarm as those like this MP in the Netherlands. A scattering of good friends in Canada, in USA and in Australia all see the rapid threat if the New World Order under direction of the World Economic Forum created and dominated by the old Nazi, Klaus Schwab, who is fulfilling Hitler’s dream.

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