Capuchin who opposes Conversions preaches DeathVaxx

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

It was the summer of 1988/9, I cannot remember exactly, and I was thinking of a vocation to the priesthood, so I visited the young new Bishop of the Virgin Islands, the Most Rev. Sean O’Malley, OFM Cap. He was looking for vocations and he was recommended to me.

He was my first encounter with a full blown modernist Bishop. I discovered this when he asked me, “If you become a priest in my diocese, what would you see your goal to be in your priestly ministry?” Those are his very words, as best I can remember them all these years hence.

I replied, eagerly: “Why preaching the truth of the Catholic Faith and aiming to convert every soul to the Catholic Faith!”

His angry frustrated retort is something I will never forget. His mouth dropped open, as if I had blasphemed, and he said:  “But you can’t force people to become Catholic!”

I subsequently discovered that he was railroading his faithful seminarians and promoting those who were deviants and heretics. He even bore false testimony against them on occasion to break them down psychologically. He was said to be member of a ring of ecclesiastical mafia which had its origins in a seminary in western Pennsylvania and which promoted the careers of one another to the episcopacy.

Now, more than 30 years afterwards, the same man is preaching the DeathVaxx.

That is no surprise to me. For in a newspaper interview more than 25 years ago, he said that his vocation to the priesthood began to become obvious to himself while he canvassed for the Democrat party in Washington D. C.. I think that is true for most the Bishops in the U.S.A., in one sense or another.

How to escape the Totalitarian Sanitary Dictatorship

While there are many good observations here, those who have made it make a drug of psychology, as if there could be good psychology without God, which is impossible. So, take the good and leave the bad. Addiction to psychological games, is not the same thing as being truly free, it just transfers another idol upon the altar of the heart to enslave it.  However, by serving God, we have grace, which is the true flow and rausch of the soul, not the fake things of which this video speaks.