Capuchin who opposes Conversions preaches DeathVaxx

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

It was the summer of 1988/9, I cannot remember exactly, and I was thinking of a vocation to the priesthood, so I visited the young new Bishop of the Virgin Islands, the Most Rev. Sean O’Malley, OFM Cap. He was looking for vocations and he was recommended to me.

He was my first encounter with a full blown modernist Bishop. I discovered this when he asked me, “If you become a priest in my diocese, what would you see your goal to be in your priestly ministry?” Those are his very words, as best I can remember them all these years hence.

I replied, eagerly: “Why preaching the truth of the Catholic Faith and aiming to convert every soul to the Catholic Faith!”

His angry frustrated retort is something I will never forget. His mouth dropped open, as if I had blasphemed, and he said:  “But you can’t force people to become Catholic!”

I subsequently discovered that he was railroading his faithful seminarians and promoting those who were deviants and heretics. He even bore false testimony against them on occasion to break them down psychologically. He was said to be member of a ring of ecclesiastical mafia which had its origins in a seminary in western Pennsylvania and which promoted the careers of one another to the episcopacy.

Now, more than 30 years afterwards, the same man is preaching the DeathVaxx.

That is no surprise to me. For in a newspaper interview more than 25 years ago, he said that his vocation to the priesthood began to become obvious to himself while he canvassed for the Democrat party in Washington D. C.. I think that is true for most the Bishops in the U.S.A., in one sense or another.

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10 thoughts on “Capuchin who opposes Conversions preaches DeathVaxx”

  1. It is truly stunning how many times Fake Cardinal Retes (appointed by an antipope) can break the Eighth Commandment in this one statement alone:

    *“He affirmed: “These are really serious, baseless theories that need to be unmasked.” The conference, he said, sought to “clarify the importance of the vaccine” and “its legitimate use to overcome the coronavirus pandemic.” The cardinal said he was confident that “experts” would validate the Dec. 21 declaration by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which noted:

    “As the Instruction Dignitas Personae states, in cases where cells from aborted fetuses are employed to create cell lines for use in scientific research, “there exist differing degrees of responsibility” of cooperation in evil.“*

    Count the number of outright lies and deceptions by the demon Cardinal Retes. I have counted at least a dozen. He does it in malice, intending to deceive, so that is at least twelve or so mortal sins. Here is the truth, countering his outright lies and slander:

    1) These are FACTS against the “vaccine,” not “theories.”
    2) They are not “baseless.”
    3) They (the Bergoglian anti-cardinals) are the ones doing the censoring.
    4) There is no “importance” for a “vaccine” with a 99.98 survival rate.
    5) There is no “pandemic.”
    Etc. I could on and on. There are at seven more lies I noticed. Someone who can outright lie with the facility and glibness of Anti-Cardinal Retes is evil.

  2. Hello BR. Alexis,
    I am in the Archdiocese of Boston where this Cardinal Sean O’Malley is preaching the satanic death jab. He gives bolsters the confidence of local officials who would dare to knock on doors demanding we roll up our sleeves. Please keep us in your prayers

  3. Over the years, I had gotten to know Seán pretty well, and can say that, in my opinion, he is of the very worst caliber of bishop. This is, firstly, because he appears to be a most devout man. He seems to believe in everything the Church teaches, on the surface. He celebrates Mass quite reverently, by Novus ordo standards. He gets up at the Chrism Mass every year to tell his priests how he wants them to have a quasi-religious rule of life, praying at least two hours a day, including Mass. Unfortunately, he does nothing to bring about any of these good things. He does nothing to preach the necessity of converting to the Catholic Faith.

    He would often speak of his time in D.C. at the Centro Católico, where he worked to exacerbate problems with illegal immigration. Most interesting, to me, was when he spoke about his ordination, in 1970. He was supposed to be a simplex priest for a year, as was the long custom for religious priests, and was meant to be assigned afterward to Easter Island, along with the old German Capuchin who had been there for decades. However, a week after he was ordained, Cardinal O’Boyle got in touch with his superior, wanting to keep him in D.C., because he was fluent in Spanish. He was given full faculties immediately. The rest, as they say, is history. He ended up being consecrated a bishop at age 40, for the tiny diocese of St. Thomas, but then gained a reputation for “handling” sexual abuse crises, in Fall River, Palm Beach, and Boston. In my opinion, he is adept at getting the media on his side, probably assuring them that he will never let the Church be too Catholic on his watch. It would be very interesting to see all of the details of his years as Democrat party operative. I think it would tell a lot, and none of it good.
    God Bless you, Brother.

  4. Mel Gibson is wondering who is hiring these hirelings. It appears Pope John Paul II hired this guy. He kept telling us to “be not afraid” while he was in the midst of installing all these toxic faithless bishops all over the church, one of them being Bergoglio!!!

    1. Go over to and watch the show on John Paul II and you will see how right you are. Next week AJ and I will begin a 5 part documentary busting open how the CIA took down and now controls the Catholic Church.

  5. I think what we are seeing here is a level of evil entirely unparalleled in the history of mankind… It is of these evil monsters that Christ warned us about, “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in the clothing of sheep, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.” Matthew 7:15

  6. “if you became a priest in my diocese..” what an obnoxious thing to say, wasn’t aware the bishops had so many candidates over the last 30 years that they could afford to be so flippant with a young man willing to make the commitment.
    Btw, wasn’t Epstein’s island under his jurisdiction at that time? What did he do to speak out on that evil?

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