How to escape the Totalitarian Sanitary Dictatorship

While there are many good observations here, those who have made it make a drug of psychology, as if there could be good psychology without God, which is impossible. So, take the good and leave the bad. Addiction to psychological games, is not the same thing as being truly free, it just transfers another idol upon the altar of the heart to enslave it.  However, by serving God, we have grace, which is the true flow and rausch of the soul, not the fake things of which this video speaks.

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One thought on “How to escape the Totalitarian Sanitary Dictatorship”

  1. Many people have forgotten that life needs to be nutured. WE need to help each other and Governments must be held accountable for putting the people in this state. People who have little wisdom and life experience have made blanket orders and have given money in exchange for the privilege of rendering their freedoms. @You will have nothing and you will be happy@ is just not true. People who give out such slogans are robbers. WE keep praying and helping where we can.History is repeating itself but I am confident that lessons will be learnt

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