9 thoughts on “The DeathVaxx Report: Deaths from the serums is likely already in the Millions”

  1. Andreas Kalcker has developed Chlorine Dioxide which has a 100% record of curing Covid patients. Even a better record than ivermectin and hydroxichloriquin. In south American countries like Bolivia deaths have dropped from over 100 per day to zero. The deathvaxx kills.

    1. What is Covid-19? Until we know, how can we say something cures it. We need to start slapping ourselves in the face and waking up to the fundamental lies of the narrative. Is it graphene oxide posioning. Is it simply a flu no more deadly than another. Is it distinct from other coronaviruses. Are viruses even for real? etc.. Thus claims to cure it as are about reliable as claims to drive out gnomes or leprechauns…

      1. EXACTLY, TALS ABOUT ivermectin and hydroxichloriquin JUST EEP THE LIES ALIVE.


    1. I would guess from the name of the article, no. And I would guess from the multiple lethal and toxic ingredients, no. The Globalists want you to think you can get a cure, so that you succumb and take the DeathVaxx, in my opinion. So it is very dangerous to put hope in such claims or regard them as credible. Wait till experts sound out on specific treatments. Ignore everything else.

  2. I would like to respond to the use of Chlorine Dioxide as a cure for Covid-19. Since I review hospital stays for patients who have Covid-19, I can verify people are getting sick with something. I would add that whatever is causing the disease whether virus or poisoning, people need to seek a cure. Yes, I have heard the argument that the virus has never been isolated and may not exist but something is making people sick. Whatever is the cause, people are going to the hospital and are unable to breath and have low oxygen saturations. Their lungs have a characteristic ground glass appearance. It is reasonable to seek out preventive measures that actually work like hydroxychloriquine, Ivermectin and Chlorine dioxide and treat as early as possible because the measures being taken in the hospitals are inadequate and delayed. “But if anyone has the world’s goods and sees his brother in need, yet closes his heart against him, how does God’s love abide in him?” 1John 3:17

    1. It‘s a frequency. Think 5G rollout, hence breathing problems and such. To the owner of this site. Pls let it go thru. You know I‘m right.

      1. I do not know you are right, but according to sources few nations have 5g at the 60 mega hz range

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