3 thoughts on “Byoblu intervista Frà Bugnolo sulla Guerra Spirituale nel Grande Reset”

  1. Br. Bugnolo, I’m sorry, but ByoBlu (like many others on the Internet less important and influencers than it, but which still create confusion and disinformation very useful to the System) belongs to the false opposition, which shamelessly speculates on today’s tragedies, in particular Covid19, Green Pass, mandate and vaccination poison killing, etc. The assistant commissioner (vice questore) of Rome, as a collaborator of Byo Blu, is also part of it. The only absolutely transparent 360° opposition is that of Francesco Carbone and his Associazione Governo del Popolo (Government of the People Association), which the official media (Rai, Mediaset, La7, Sky and the newspapers) and the aforementioned false opposition, have voluntarily ignored and continue to shamelessly ignore it, when he has accumulated a mountain of trials with which to arrest, try and condemn almost all political institutions, from the youngest politician to Mattarella, passing through Draghi. To achieve this Francesco Carbone (that Digos has tried twice to kill) needs the support of the Italians, who are however deliberately kept in the ignorance about his battle. Why? Because the Italians, like all the great masses of the world, are more or less corrupt sheep, but also because the false or controlled opposition (starting with Byo Blu) has shamelessly done everything to ignore him and make him ignored, when, for trials collected and contained in a large suitcase and his accusations vocally, clearly, directly directed to Mattarella, under the Quirinale on 15-16-17 June 2020, would have been on the front pages of print and television newspapers and not just once, but almost every day.

    These petty characters (Messora, Mazzucco, Fusaro, Scardovelli, and many others) of the false opposition or false or partially denunciation, have ignored and continue to ignore Francesco Carbone, knowingly because they know that if his ‘ action proceeded as it would must , they would no longer have anything on which continue shamelessly speculate. They are shameless but also idiots because in this way the boat on which they also are will inevitably sink and they obviously will loose all. Deservely.

    1. I know there are Italians who think like do. But Carbone fails to convince many and myself that he is seeking to help everyone, he rather seems to seek publicity by crazy stunts.

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