Did you know that in 1953, the US Govt. declared war on the Catholic Church?

First Installment of a Multipart Report
that which shock you to the core

and explain the entire downward spiral of the Catholic Church in the last Century

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One thought on “Did you know that in 1953, the US Govt. declared war on the Catholic Church?”

  1. Knowing that many evil trends started in the 1950s, I looked up 2 of the most prominent and obvious ones. And sure enough, according to google, sleazebag ELVIS PRESLEY started his “career” corrupting our youth in 1954. Wikipedia calls him “one of the most significant cultural icons of the 20th century” — which means that his degenerate influence has been truly incalculable. Also, HUGH HEFNER started his incomparable subversion of chastity, conjugal fidelity, morals and all decency when he deployed the weaponry of his filthy playboy magazine in 1953!!! (It would be significant to verify who exactly funded Hefner. As with just about all subversive and anti-God movements here, like women’s lib, abortion, Dr. Alfred Kinsey, etc., etc., it is basically always Rockefeller money in one way or another.)

    We learn in the (freemasonic) “Permanent Instruction of the Alta Vendita” that their battle cry for the destruction of all nations is found in the “CORRUPT, CORRUPT, CORRUPT” mantra given to their adepts.

    So it is clear to see that the CIA, as part of the satanic cabal of freemasonic and occult subverters of humanity, wasted NO time unleashing their aggressive campaign of destruction — and of course were wildly successful thru Elvis and playboy magazine alone, true WEAPONS OF WAR. Few people alive today anywhere have been untouched by these sordid and filthy legacies of degeneracy that continue on their own and with a myriad of successors.

    And by now, the evil controllers have achieved almost complete dominance over the Church and world, unopposed and unrestricted by anything. Clearly, the time of mercy has expired and “our days are numbered….”

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