10 thoughts on “Our Lady, at Fatima: “Various Nations will be annihilated””

  1. Satanist Alexander Dugin, dubbed Putin’s “Rasputin” (who incidentally recently mocked “anti-vaxxers”) wishes for Russia to lead the world into its final (gnostic) divine age in some sort of final conflagration that would presumably consume various nations around the world.

    Russia is still in dire need of a massive exorcism to clean out the legions of demons still afflicting that “poor nation” (Sr Lucia). Only a real pope in union with the world’s bishops will accomplish that.

    “This ‘Empire of the End’ [according to Dugin] is marked by the ‘dialectical triad’ which combines ‘Third Rome [Moscow] — Third Reich [national socialism] — Third International [neo-bolshevism].’ All the expectations of historic Russian messianic delusions, combined with the Joachimite aims of Nazism and Soviet Bolshevism, purportedly find their highest expression in this new ideology, according to Dugin.”

  2. PS To clarify, in my comment above, I was referring to Putin about the disparaging of “anti-vaxxers”, although I would imagine a satanist such as Dugin would hold a similar view.

  3. This Dugin philosophy sounds very much like the Frankist. Not accidental it is also the philosophy of the Frankists in the hierarchy. This is the real infiltration already started end 18th century. Also hence the philosophy of Francis…

  4. Red alert from the US. Numerous visionaries both Catholic and Protestant are receiving word from heaven that the La Palma situation is deteriorating into worst case scenario due to the unrepentant sinfulness of mankind. Please post La Palma tsunami warning on your website if so inclined, millions of souls are at risk. It was specifically said this is not an end times post-warning mid-tribulation great tribulation warning, the threat is IMMINENT. All those living in coastal area need to be prepared. Scientists have estimated massive potential loss of life. In the US alone in the tens of millions. Prayers are still needed for mitigation of this chastisement.

  5. As Fr Altman always ends his prayers with Suffer even unto martyrdom”… We should also. Martyrdom is the preerred death for Christians. Straight into the pearly gates, unending joy. .

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