Victorian Government in Australia is lying to the Citizenry over Covid-19

by Sam Smythe
Special Correspondent

The lie that the vaccine reduces the chance of getting hospitalized from COVID-19 has been destroyed once and for all by the data given by the government in Victoria, Australia.

Victorian Health Minister Martin Foley stated yesterday in a press conference: “Of the people who were in hospital yesterday, 78% were vaccinated and 17% were partially vaccinated”. Source:

Now, to do the maths, 78% + 17% = 95% of the people in Victorian hospitals due to COVID-19 have taken the COVID-19 “vaccine”. Now, compare that to the vaccination rate of the general Victorian population, which is 63.6%. For the population >12 it is 74.4%. Source:

So, using basic mathematics, it is irrefutable that the “vaccine” does not decrease your chance of being hospitalized by COVID-19, it actually increases it by… (95-63.6)/63.6= 0.494 = …. 49.4%. Repeat: the people who have taken the vaccine have a 49.4% higher chance of being hospitalized by COVID-19. The vile media would call this a “conspiracy theory”, to the contrary it is a irrefutable fact proven by valid sources and basic mathematics.

So, having these publicly known facts, why do people still take the vaccine?

I can only make a rough estimate. 60% of the population are simply useful idiots. They believe everything the media and government tell them and don’t question a thing. These are the sheep.

Then there is a further 30% of the population, these are the most disappointing. They have the common sense to realize the media and government are lying to them, and question their lies after seeing data like this, which refutes their claims. Yet they take the vaccine out of cowardice and convenience. Either they don’t want to lose their jobs, or they want the comforts that submitting to the criminals will provide, such as concerts and travel.

These people have more to answer for than the idiots, because they know the truth yet lack the courage and conviction.

Then there is the remnant, which I estimate in New Zealand will be 5-10% of the population. They have the common sense to see the vaccines don’t work and are actually dangerous, and the courage and conviction to do what’s right and resist this global crime against humanity. This group will be on the right side of history.

I exhort readers to try and awaken the sheep with this data, and to encourage the 30% who know the truth to make the courageous choice to resist and be on the right side of history, which will ultimately serve to their glory on Judgement Day and will be well worth the material sacrifice.

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2 thoughts on “Victorian Government in Australia is lying to the Citizenry over Covid-19”

  1. My theory is that they are scared to diobey as the people here are basically good. They have never had a civil war and they trust their government. Pray for our people.Instead of hurting others ,many here take their own lives. Such a tragedy! The businesses are are shut.The people are kept dirty.They cannot get a haircut and it seems that governments are or have lost the way.In this situation we call on all the Angels,Saints and people of good will to step forward.Alexis,you have helped but the people need to Trust and Trust has yet to save them so pray for patience and sustenance.And relief from cruel uncaring media and foreign people with grand ideas!

    1. Trust in who Rose? Certainly not the draconian government. Trust in God yes. But I have always believed in helping oneself to overcome problems. By doing 99% and trusting in God to provide 1% to equal the 100% to solve the problem is the way to go. God is allowing this to happen for a reason. He is in control. We cannot expect miracles every day to fall from heaven. We have to do our part as well. Kudos go those who had the courage to protest openly. I am sure that their courage and strength to do so went hand in hand with their prayers. Australians have always stood up for their rights. Their history spells this out quite clearly.

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