21 thoughts on “You are being sucked into the reign of the Antichrist”

  1. Am currently more than half way through Fr Benson’s “Lord of The World”, the book considered essential reading by anti-pope Bergoglio/Francis on his way back to Rome from Manila in 2015.

    Fun-fact: the only prominent apostate priest mentioned thus far in the text is a certain “Fr FRANCIS”, who becomes a sort of master of ceremonies for the newly established worship service (which very closely follows masonic ritual) of the new forcibly imposed (naturalistic, masonic) humanitarian religion.

    Now this could be a perfect coincidence with regards to the matching names, but I happen to think, and my gut instinct tells me, that that Bergoglian devil was trying to tell us something here!!

  2. Thank you for all that you do Brother.

    Here in Scotland, the subservient show no signs of waking up and choosing God. I took my grandmother, who is 99 years old, shopping yesterday. We do not wear masks or take vaccines and endured many sneers and requests. She gave them short shrift because she’s aware of exactly what kind of battle this is. We take comfort in our small but regular acts of defience and in solidarity with our brothers and sisters world over. God bless you.

    1. And God bless you and your wee Granny! St Michael, defend us in battle. Prayers and love from sunny Florida.

      Thank you, Brother, for these educational videos and articles. I’ve added St Monica to my patrons as I pray for vaxxed/fallen away loved ones.

  3. Thanks Brother. You should find a way to put your site address behind you on the wall or on the video so when these get posted on other sites people will be able to find you. Often they cut off your beginning so they don’t hear how to find you.

  4. It’s very worrying that children and babies are to be injected,I remember reading once that Padre Pio said there would come a time when there would be no children ,only old and middle aged people.

    1. Hi Mazara,
      Where did you read that Padre Pio said that there would be no children? I would like to get a good reliable book of the life and prophesies of Padre Pio. Maybe brother Bugnolo can recommend one.

      1. I do not know of one. But, I caution about claims about Padre Pio. Make sure you get it from a book published under ecclesiastical authority before he became widely popular because there are a lot of strange individuals who are laymen publishing books claiming Padre said this or that without any footnotes or references.

  5. Thank you brother Alexis.
    I am italian, can you suggest a book about the history of the Church, in Italian? I would like to talk about this to my teen age daughters


    1. Because he pushes the vaxx for his own political gain. As Dr. Zelenko reveals in the upcoming interview he and I did, which will be published on Monday.

  6. Viruses don’t exist as described. They are exosomes. We have trillions of viruses and they are here to help us. Read “The Contagion Myth” and “What Really Makes You Ill”.

  7. Bro Bugnolo
    A humble request is for you to do a follow up of your video….when the flu season comes…the chaos will begin….
    As The Northern hemisphere is entering its winter months n definitely to bring death n disease
    Your inspiring words of wisdom is truly appreciated

  8. I’ve never worn a mask in the secular world and have given quite the pushback to those who would try to push me away.
    When I returned to church, after the first lockdown here in Ontario, Canada, I didn’t wear a mask, and was STUNNNED to see the MAJORITY of people wearing them. It was truly disturbing and scandalous to see people who knew this was a scamdemic wearing them.
    Anyway, over time, our bishop told us that we had to wear them unless we provided a note from our doctor to exempt us due to a medical condition. He went above the by-law! How wicked. I have succumbed to putting the mask on so that I can receive Christ in the Holy Eucharist, but I remove my mask from my face when I am sitting. Having it around my neck, though, while I am sitting, or when I am walking into the church or leaving, makes me feel so guilty. I have told a priest that it’s idolatry and he told me that I should not worry, for it is the sin of the bishop who is imposing this draconian measure.

    1. To wear the Mask in Church is a grave mortal sin of sacrilege, disbelief, profanation, heresy and apostasy. It shows that you do not believe in the Creator and/or that you believe the authority of the State exceeds that of Christ Jesus. It also means that you do not actually believe in the Resurrection nor that Christ can heal all who ask Him in His presence. Never, EVER enter a Church with a mask and never attend the satanic ape of the Holy Sacrifice, which is a Mass said with the Mask. It is not a sin, to wear it under the chin solely to avoid a fine if the police break in, but Catholics should shut the Church doors and posed armed guard, who have orders to shook to kill if anyone does. If you think that is extreme, then change your religion and join the Church of Hypocrisy…

  9. There is something going on. Most are not blood pilled. We are the remnant. I have people I have known for years that think there is nothing unusual outside everyone coming together to minimize the pandemic deaths. Seriously. They don’t see it. These are intelligent people.

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