No Mercy, only Globalism at the Vatican

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Ever since 1953, the U.S. Government has been engaged in doctrinal warfare against the Catholic Church, with the goal of making the Catholic Faith look primitive, cruel, the source of perversion and immorality, while making America appear to be enlightened, civilize, human, and humane.

As an agent of Globalism, Bergoglio was installed in the Vatican, after the 2013 putsch which cast aside Pope Benedict XVI. Though he collaborated closely with the CIA supported Fascist government in Argentina, even to the point of denouncing his own fellow Jesuits — who were tortured months on end as a result — he how plays the Marxist Sanitary Tyrant at the Vatican to increase as much as possible the hatred and disdain of the Catholic Faith everywhere, but especially among the rank and file.

The latest antic of demanding everyone DeathVaxxed at the Vatican and allowing no one inside the City State without the DeathVaxx passport is an eminent example of this program of doctrinal warfare. The Vatican must, as requested by the CIA be purged of everyone who has a Catholic conscience, so that the forces of the Antichrist can gain control of this tiny jurisdiction to convert its use from that of advancing the cause of the King of Kings, Jesus Christ, to that of the ape of apes, the Antichrist.

The truth alone can save the Catholic Church, and in particular the truth that Benedict XVI never renounced the papacy, but only resigned the ministry is the saving truth here. All Catholic talking heads who refuse that must be presumed to be part of the doctrinal warfare program of the U.S. Government against the Kingdom of Jesus Christ on earth.

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5 thoughts on “No Mercy, only Globalism at the Vatican”

  1. What does one do when one finds out that Governments have lied to thev people? Well my first port of call is hourly prayer to St Michael the Archangel. He has dealt with this problem before and I will trust him to handle the situation now.There is much at stake in our country but also we must understand that everyone caught up with this, is in trouble. Ca n we then begin our hourly prayers to the great God Defender St Michael!

  2. U.S. govt. against ALL Christianity; not merely Roman Catholic. Support of Jews is questionable. Religion of ‘false prophet’, Mohammed not all the rage and called “peaceful” when in fact…Is “globalist” just as Freemasons, Communists, Facists and other totalitarian organizations.
    U.S. people ARE still Christian some little ground has been gained from dark forces recently. Waiting more and more impatiently to see “The Patriots” rise to STAND against the evil of this time.

  3. Too many words have been spoken …. (so goes the old song)

    Yes, never ending fractured thoughts have been put to paper and in song….. But! but but but….

    Do we address the big picture?
    Do we address the fundamental cause of human mis-behaviour?
    NO! We do NOT!

    Perhaps we should rightly say that we, the people, sometimes address the root cause of human misbehavior …. human destructive behaviour …. humans doing EVIL DEEDS!
    But who is listening?

    Not those who spend their lives EATING DRINKING and entertaining themselves ….. in fact: THEY are the MAJORITY of human beings on this planet.

    “Give them bread and circus.” ..and the state can do with these people anything!

    I rest my case!

    Jesus Christ of Nazareth spent 3 years, we are told, TEACHING people to live the Virtuous Life befitting the Families of The Living Loving Good God of Jesus Christ of Nazareth!
    Jesus told his followers to GO …. and Teach All Nations to do likewise ….= to LOVE oneanother!!!

    Our free will, our sinful LACK of TRAINNIG TO LIVE A VIRTUOUS LIFE …. continues to be the root cause of our brutal/sinful behaviour.

    In this 21st century, NO common sense rational EXCUSE can be found for the failure of both CHURCH and State Governments to train every boy and girl in our COMPULSORY STATE SCHOOLS EDUCATION SYSTEM!

    THAT’S IT!

  4. Will Bergoglio hang in long enough to take up his new throne in Abu Dhabi when the triple world religion centre opens up. The “Christian” section of the three will not be allowed to display a cross so that should suit Bergoglio. Have the Jews backed out now? Just Islam + which is dubbed Chrislam. Lord God help your faithful people and save us for Your Kingdom when this madness is over.

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