5 thoughts on “Sweden, Norway and Denmark have ended all Covid-19 Controls”

  1. Many ratline Nazis fled north after the war and the Fascist International was established in the Malmo region (where Bergoglio made his first visit as pope). Is the plan to establish free societies in Scandinavia and slave societies everywhere else?

  2. No. The 60-70% vaccinated goal has been reached. This is why they don’t have any restrictions or measures there anymore. But who knows how it will go, as they are entering the long flu season in the northern hemisphere. What will now happen to all the jabbed ones?
    This is that time period where we will see if all the scientists and doctors, including Brother Bugnolo, were correct in their dark predictions. I don’t doubt them at all, but I hope they are wrong, or we are looking at some pretty dark times ahead.

    1. There are other countries that have reached or even surpassed the threshold that you mention and yet they are still imposing draconian measures (green pass in Israel, “pass sanitaire” – France, masks in schools or workplace etc etc). See:


      I have always scratched my head about the case of Sweden – is it possible that they remained pretty much (for the most part anyway, in comparison to other countries) untouched from lockdowns because the elite feel that in one of the most atheistic countries on the planet that has incorporated virtually every tenet of the NWO humanitarian religion (multi-culturalism, gender ideology, etc) their job is essentially “done” and they need not worry themselves about pushing their agenda further in a place such as this?

      With regards to the Scandinavian countries as a whole, I feel like the current situation of apparent “freedom” is meant to be an escape valve of sorts for the unbearable pressure felt by the world at large to make them feel that there is some kind of light at the end of the NWO tunnel… Let us not forget, however – at least as far as I am aware – that Denmark’s infamous “epidemic law” which envisages forced vaccinations and other totalitarian measures, still remains in full force. Clearly, the elite now have at their disposal the tools necessary to further tighten the noose on the masses any time they want, if they so wish.

  3. Living in Denmark.
    I just checked the national bureau of statistics (+ health), and as of October 1st 76% of ALL danes are vaxd (a small %age of this only with 1st dose). That means that about 86% of the targeted demographic groups have taken it. Certain age groups have a vax %age surpassing 97%.
    See stats:
    There are circa 5.850.000 citizens.
    This percentage is astonishing, but I actually think it is true unlike other countries where they most likely cook numbers to convince more fencers. Almost everyone I meet have taken it. I stopped asking.
    One reason for this acceptance is a general trust in authorities.
    Another thought I have had about this is that probably Denmark received batches with a little amount of actual vaxxine matter in it. See Stew Peters show (with Ruby) for information on the fact that there are several different ‘arms’ in this experiment. Varying from 5 to 200 micrograms in different vials. Some are even placebos. Talk about unknowingly participating in an experiment.
    The reason why I think Denmark has received low concentration dozes is that the HPV vaccine in Denmark resulted in very many young girls getting chronically ill, and this was news for a long period and even books are written about it So the planners of this ‘thing’ want to make sure that not too many adverse events come out too early.
    Moreover – the Scandinavian countries are small and transparent which (in my mind) makes it harder to deceive through numbers etc.

    But I also wondered why we reopened. I have no great hope that we continue this rosy path though.
    True – the reason could be that the vaxx target is met.
    My friend who is 80+ told me this morning that he was on his way to get his 3rd shot. “It was said in the local newspaper to go and get is” he said.
    I warned him gently in the beginning about the vaccine. When people ignore my warnings I just ignore the topic altogether.

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