Italy rises against the DeathVaxx Passport

Italians all over Italy protest with the song, “La Gente come noi non molle mai!”
People like us never give up!

Only those have Christ as their King, who have Benedict XVI as His Vicar

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Today, before the Second Vatican Council, and some years thereafter, the Church celebrated the Feast of Christ the King.  The liturgical year ended with the Feast of All the Saints, and after that began the Lent for Christmas. In Paul VI’s deformation of the liturgical calendar, this Feast was moved to the last Sunday of November.

One of the great Encyclicals of the last 200 years, moreover, was to promote devotion and loyalty to Christ as King of the Universe. Pope Pius XI did this in his Quas primas of Dec. 11, 1925, which is devotedly read aloud here:

But since one cannot have Christ the King unless they submit to the rule and law of Christ, which is found in the laws of His Vicar, for He says, “Whatsoever you bound on earth, shall be bound in Heaven”, so when John Paul II, His Vicar, laid down in Canon 332.2 that a Pope resigns only when he renounces the Petrine Munus, so all who claim Christ as King must acknowledge publicly that the Vicar of Jesus Christ is still Pope Benedict XVI, who has never renounced the Petrine Munus.

Without you are cut off from God and have set out on the road of ruin and death, as Pope Pius XI says in the Encyclical above. This was never more evident, manifest and visible as today.


Marco Alonzo dies at Umberto I Hospital after intubation

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Marco Alonzo was my good friend at Rome. I met him at a rally against the Scamdemic in June of 2020. Following that he interviewed me several times for his YouTube Channel, Decimo Toro. He was a kind and gentle man, full of natural joy, camaraderie, and inspired by a great zeal for truth and friendship.

But, today, I have the very sad duty to inform you all that he passed away yesterday at Umberto I Hospital. I had advised you that he was intubated there after contracting an aggressive infection. He was treated for Covid-19, but the treatments at home and in hospital did not have an effect. Due to the Sanitary Fraud, no one was able to visit him, except some of his closest friends.

I do not know what he really had. And since all treatments for the alleged virus failed, I really think he was done in, for he was the ardent voice of truth, against which, what is about to happen, would have found an even more ardent warrior.

Marco Alonzo was a baptized Catholic. He was the producer and publisher of the YouTube Channels Decimo Toro and Decimo Toro 2. He was famous throughout Italy among all classes for his sustained honest criticism of current events. He was especially an ardent critic of the Scamdemic and of Bergoglio.

He was wont to appear on Youtube, showing only the lower part of his face.

He at times gave voice to those who hold that Benedict XVI is the Pope and at times to those who thought he was not. He defended the Catholic Faith strongly on several topics, though he was not a practicing Catholic himself, by his own definition. His moral influence led to the production of the famous documentary, A Message in a Bottle, in which he also appeared, though he did not produce that documentary.

Here  are some videos he made with me during the last year or so:

EU MPs protest the Hidden Contents of Contracts with DeathVaxx Manufacturers

Dr. Group’s last video on 5G

Dr. Group predicts the substance of the Scamdemic DeathVaxx push at minute 36+. This video is from the spring of 2018.