In Exorcism, Demon says the DeathVaxx consecrates the vaccinated to Satan

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53 thoughts on “In Exorcism, Demon says the DeathVaxx consecrates the vaccinated to Satan”

    1. They should get their blood tested. Because it is by no means certain that everyone got the vaxx, many are getting saline shots since they cannot produce as many vaxxes as are being sold… if they are damaged, they need to go to confession, and I would also advise getting exorcised.

      1. Very interesting point about what people are injected with.
        This is the extensive study being done on “volunteers”, that should have been done before being fully approved!
        The government knows who got the “potion” or the “placebo”.
        Unless you get checked, you won’t know what you got and, plus, no one knows how long immunity even lasts for themselves.

  1. Brother Alexis,
    Do you think that what the demon said is true – that taking one dose of the deathvaxx consecrates a person to satan? If so, wouldn’t the person require an exorcism rather than just repenting and confessing the sin?

    1. First, I think it is clear that this priest suffered spiritually because he committed a mortal sin against the infused theological virtue of Hope. But if any ingredient in the DeathVaxx has been consecrated to Satan, then one could expect the same results, since possession is impossible without having something like that inside your body. Covid, backwards sounds like the Hebrew work for a demon who dwells within. Seeing that the Illuminati are doing all this to establish the rule of Satan in the world, I would as a working hypothesis presume that it does consecrate you to Satan. But since its ingredients are continually destroying the body, its like an ongoing suicide, which you consent to begin and which you cannot consent to stop. And that is the very nature of what it means to consecrate yourself to the devil.

    2. In the Books of Acts, Catholics are only obligated to a few of the Mosaic Laws. Especially against the eating or using of animal sacrifice products offered up to Idols. Why? Because this is a road to Demonic vexation or Possession as we consume and make a part of ourselves something that belongs to Satan. When we receive the Eucharist we have the Lord within us until the host is dissolved and then He becomes a part of us, a part of our cellular make up. When the person mainlines(injects) these human sacrificed innocents that have been made a blood sacrifice to Satan, we make those fetal cells a part of ourselves and the curses that were in/on those cells/sacrifice then becomes a part of us. Ignorance is no excuse as this is such a huge change we are allowing for some perceived benefit. We are allowing Satan and the blood of an innocent that was sacrificed to him into the subatomic and molecular structure of our bodies which is the Temple of the Holy Spirit that God has entrusted into our care.

      1. The injection don’t CONTAIN fetal cells. However, they were produced and/or tested using fetal cell lines from abortions.

    3. Tell not to take anymore vaccines, nor boosters, go to confession, to a priest of Latin rite, who knows truths, tell them to receive sacraments – confession and communion- as often as possible, pray rosary daily, read Bible, go to adoration once a week. Go to church that offers the Latin rite.
      Confession is an exorcism. That is why it is important to use this sacrament often, once a month is recommended.

      1. If they offer the Latin rite in communion with the False Prophet, you think God will send down blessings?

    1. Yes indeed the holy spirit was speaking through the priest and also to warn us against the Satanic vaxx

    1. I do not know. But if you would like to talk about schismatic / heretical, you got to put Bergoglio at the top of the class, for he denies more dogmas and attacks the Church much more than any Greek Orthodox priest.

    2. The Greek Orthodox Church might be schismatic, but it’s not, AFAIK, heretic. They never lost apostolic succession, and their sacraments are valid. It’s not like the Protestant denominations, which aren’t even churches, per se, as the Pope once clarified, calling them “ecclesial communities” instead.

      Whilst I don’t intend nor advise to join the Greek Orthodox Church, I do recognise and respect their deeper spirituality and devotion to Christ and the Theotokos. I’d take the Divine Liturgy over the Novus Ordo any day of the week.

      1. The Greek Orthodox Church most definitely is heretical. You have to keep to keep in mind that they have gone without a Magisterium for almost 600 years.

        The Greek Orthodox do not believe in the Immaculate Conception or Purgatory. They do not believe in the permanence of hell, a position similar that that of Origen. They will pray to God to release the souls of their relatives in hell. I know Greek Orthodox, some of whom come from very prominent families in the community. If you don’t believe me, do a simple web search with the question, “Do Greek Orthodox believe in the Immaculate Conception?”

        This is becoming a big problem with Antipope Bergoglio and cowardly bishops who will not denounce him in that Catholics are being attracted to the Orthodox churches and liturgies without knowing what they actually believe in.

        I have respect for them, and many of their priests have been much better in fighting the vaccine and plandemic but so have many Protestants. I believe this priest in the video. One should not under any condition get this death jab.

      2. It is correct that Orthodox do not except purgatory or the immaculate conception of the mother of God That we believe gahanna (true name for Hell) is temporary is FALSE. Heaven and hell are the same thing experienced differently by the individual who either moved towards Christ in his life away from Him in his animal life. Christ God light either welcomes or burns Depending upon inclination of a human being

      3. As for purgatory, the Orthodox do believe that there is a purification, but not a place of purification, after death for the righteous, who need it. We believe the same thing, because purgatory in Latin is a state of purification, not a physical place. So the disagreement I believe really does not exist. As for the Immaculate Conception, the Orthodox do believe that Our Lady was purified. Some hold it was at the Annunciation, some before, and some at her conception. St. Photius himself called Our Lady, She who from the first moment of her existence was without stain. And that is what we too believe. The reasoning for is, proposed by Dun Scotus, the Orthodox do not accept, however.

      1. In the West, the term “heretical” is applied to the Orthodox to signify that they do not accept all the doctrines which the Catholic Church holds to be essential to the faith. But since all of these doctrines were denied by some Synods of Orthodox Bishops after 1046, and all of these doctrines were taught by some of the Orthdox Fathers before 1046, we Catholics hold that this term is not unjust, because to deny what was taught from of old is to separate yourself from Christ. However, these things were taught of old, but were not held to be obligatory in a Council, and so the Orthodox do not regard their decision to reject them as heretical. In the Catholic Church the term hereticcal refers to one of five things: the dissent of the mind to revealed truth, the denial in a logical proposition of a revealed truth, the verbal expression of such a denial, the verbal expression with assent of the mind but not full consent of the will, and the verbal expression with full consent of mind and will, against all contrary arguments which show the truth denied is revealed. This last is capable of a canonical sanction, and is a canonical crime of heresy.

        We Catholics use the term heretical in regard to the denial of the doctrines of the Immaculate Conception and purgatory, but of the first we use it in all senses, of the second we do not use it in the sense of a canonical crime, since the existence and purpose of purgatory while being part of the authentic magisterium, has not yet been defined, and canonical crimes only regard denials of defined truths.

        So, inasmuch as the Orthodox reject what they think we believe about purgatory, it is not a canonical crime, and inasmuch as they reject what we actually do believe about the Immaculate Conception, since nearly none of them understand why we believe that, they would not be subject to a canonical sanction, since they act out of a not knowing.

        So when we Catholics say that the Orthodox are heretical, we do not mean it as we do when we say the Protestants are heretical. Heresy from the Greek means divided, division. The protestants are divided from Christ. The Orthodox are divided from the Catholics. They have not intentionally rejected Christ or His teachings, though their explanation of “Thou art Peter and upon this Peter I will build My Church” downplays the words of Jesus in a way that many Orthodox do not agree with even.

        This is why it is certainly not objectionable to hold, respect, regard to consider that some Orthodox Monks have a high spirituality and are in the state of grace and truly holy people. Which we cannot say about the protestants, who live without the Sacraments and with explicit rejection of many revealed truths, as found in Sacred Scripture.

        However, some Orthodox have gone to the extreme of holding Catholics as heretics and our sacraments as all invalid. I know a Greek Orthodox at Rome who is very friendly to me, but who says, I hope you become Orthodox one day, and when you do, invite me to your Baptism, because yours in invalid!

    3. This is Father Savvas the Athonite. He is, I believe, the abbot of a monastery in northern Greece.

  2. Some Greek Orthodox Priests are very impressive and seem so spiritual….Beautiful
    If only we could see more of that.
    Spiritual guides and confessors who could lead ..we lay people..
    To see holiness is a great help..
    To have confessore who we could feel we can totally open up our souls to..and who could help us with their advice…

  3. To say “This priest committed a mortal sin against hope,” is beyond my competence, however, how could he possibly have been ignorant regarding the DeathVaxx’ connection to child-murder and then be willing cooperator in that Satanic enterprise? Clearly, to whom much has been given, much is expected & the withdrawal of divine intimacy to which he offers his testimony illustrates divine displeasure in so culpably thoughtless an act. Ignoring the immediate warning suggests a lack of being attuned to the Spirit. The holy Theotokos be praised for obtaining Father’s repentance.

    With footage of Cupich, for one, purportedly being vaccinated, one can but wonder what unknown evil is being perpetrated the more upon the Mystical Body, when bishops & metropolitans lead the way in the use of Masonic/diabolical “sacramentals.”

    Upon the Sacraments themselves, of course, first reliance; but in addition, all the armory of the Church.
    Our Lady of Carmel/of the Miraculous Medal, ora pro nobis! Christ, mercifully heal the papacy!

  4. Bear in mind that pope Benedict XVI has through his interview with Seewald remarked that it is sinfull to change human nature. I had a strong feeling this was regarding all forms of trans humanism and therefor also against the aimed goals of the vaxx. True freedom lies exactly in the divinely created soul. With the warning not to loose it. The AI character of the vaxx aims to replace the soul and results in the death if the soul..

  5. “Come Holy Spirit Creator Come ….”
    One observation:
    The fact that the Corona Virus disease SHOT has killed and maimed young and old alike … is not due to the terrible use of aborted-slaughtered Babies cells.
    So, in typical human way – we are off balance here!
    May the Good God of Jesus Christ of Nazareth protect and free us from all evil!
    please dear Families remember that by your Holy Baptism You too share in the Priesthood of Christ.
    Furthermore You are expected to welcome the Holy Spirit in your soul – the real temple of the Holy Spirit, to live virtuously so that Jesus can stay in your heart! And very importantly You are commanded to go and teach all nations to LOVE one another the way Jesus taught us.
    That is our mission as Baptised Christians!

    1. To even suggest that this priest could not be saved is a sin in itself ( miss use of energy). He made a mistake, I’ll be it a bad mistake he certainly had no conscious knowledge that he was participating in a Satanic ritual. All that he needs to do for his soul he is already done , repent ( turn around and go the other way ). As far as it as his physical body is concerned that is a different matter He may become sick and die . But that is not a punishment, rather The natural biological response to poison

      1. Then again, his physical body may be healed as well. For as the Orthodox Church says every Sunday , Christ, who is the physician of our souls and bodies .

      2. Although I consider myself an Uber anti-VAX Er And consider allopathic “medicine “one of the biggest frauds ever committed upon the populace, it must be remembered that most people consider allopathic medicine valid and vaccinations to be an integral part of it. So many of these priests may consider keeping their body physically healthy and to prevent the spreading of disease to others as a civic and moral duty. Whether or not they realize aborted fetal tissue is used in all inoculation s I do not know . They should know better but maybe they don’t. If they and the rest of the world have not been brainwashed by Rockefeller allopathic medicine and big Pharma and knew the germ hypothesis was false, that virology is a fraud and that there really are no such things as germs only janitors ( bacteria )We wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place

      3. YES! A sin against the Holy Spirit. Christ can forgive any sin if one is truly contrite. I don’t believe this at all, but the Priest may have.

  6. Should we avoid priests who have been death vaxxed and seek one who isn’t? Since we are dealing with the diabolical, it would seem prudent to avoid them.

  7. So if we live in America and due to various pressures, in my case a wife with something called ‘Addison’s Disease, and have taken the two Pfizer vaccine doses under pressure from our wife and strong recommendation of our doctor, then has my soul been ‘consecrated to Satan?’

    I have considered myself an observant Roman Catholic and in fact a traditionalist who thinks we are currently afflicted with an anti-pope in Bergoglio. From some of the commentary on this site, it would seem my eternal destiny is now sealed and Hell awaits my soul upon death. I do not have access to an approved exorcist, either. So please folks, there is only sorrowful, despairing sincerity and NO sarcasm in my next question, because I now have a Luciferian potion flowing through my body.

    If, by taking the Pfizer vaccine, my soul is now consecrated to Satan, why should I not commit suicide? Either way, the eternal fires of hell await me…the only difference would appear to be the *degree* of eternal torment.

    1. What Demons say in Exorcisms may not always be 100% true, since they speak to make men despair. But if one where to have committed such a monstrous sin as taking a DeathVaxx, I would recommend a long penance, confession, and an exorcism, and a good preparation for death, which will not be long in coming, if they got a real deathvaxx and not saline solution….

    2. If you had no knowledge of this, I doubt you were consecrated to Satan, perhaps the Priest was filled with guilt. I would not take the VAX, My mother a nurse for 40 years would never take it.
      But I doubt an innocent person with no knowledge of the VAX will be consecrated to Satan. Our Lord will protect his children.

      1. A person with no knowledge of a hex, on a piece of food, can still become obsessed by the demon to whom it is consecrated…

    3. Not true at all. Confession and repentance For taking the jab and any sin will be forgiven. Did you forget the GREAT St. Paul was a murder of Christians? Did he not see Heaven in his animal body? If you murder yourself, then there is no chance of repentance. Don’t despair , take good care of your health (eat clean) get your glutathione levels checked, get lots of vit D stimulus. There’s a high chance you got a saline shot

    4. In 2004 a secretly taped video leaked of DARPA scientists talking about having isolated the “God Gene” and working towards “turning it off” as a way to stop “radical” religious people. This is why the US GOV burned all the native rice and crops in Iraq and forced the farmers to only plant Monsanto and Cargill GMO crops and imprisoned farmers and searched for cache’s of seeds. It was allegedly to control the farmers but it was about making those people irreligious. The God gene allows persons to pray/meditate and receive a dopamine response. By turning this off physiologically through “Gene Therapy” one would feel their prayers are not heard, no consolations or emotional responses to prayers or situations. This does not mean that God does not “hear your prayers”… it is just that they have made you deaf to God’s ability to reply or console you physiologically. Your relationship with God must now be based on Faith and Hope with no low hanging fruits of consolation or dopamine related feeling of love or trust or safety etc. Also what you are going through in regards to what is changing within you is a process… not an event. Double your prayers… look into nebulizers and hydrogen peroxide to help remove the graphene and start trying to counter both the physiological and spiritual products that you have within you. Remember in order for something to be a sin it must be serious matter, you have to KNOW it is wrong, and you have to do it with the full consent of your will.

      1. There is no such thing as a God gene. To imply that there is would be to imagine that God is stupid and could make only a creature which Satan could unmake. The real way to make a person irreligious is to preach lies and create a culture of lies, and that is why we should not live a lie nor repeat a lie, and exercise extreme caution with anyone who claims anything which is not in accord with Divine Revelation…

    5. Perhaps you should remember that the problem is that the vaccinated people is incapable of regret but, if your soul wants to feel the light of God and ask for forgiveness, the Lord will hear your regret and He will help you. Your mistake was to feel fear to the death, and it’s comprehensible but if you take your life you’ll not only a victim of this awful beings but their accomplice, ’cause voluntarily you took the choice of disobey Our Father rules. So, don’t make that mistake, please, and ask for forgiveness. God loves you and he’ll forgive you if your heart is sincere.

  8. Some very wise people on the subject believe that up to 85% of the population has received a placebo shot, and only 15% got the real deal, i.e. synthetic spike proteins, graphing oxide, stainless steel shrapnel, and parasites Not to mention apparently some sort of demonic influence which defies understanding So certainly not all is lost, but by no means get another shot!

    1. According to Clif High in his interview with Redpill78 he said there were at least 4 different levels or types of jabs that are mixed into the batches that are sent out that have their responses delayed or atrophied to different levels. A certain percentage have no physiological responses from the jab. Another group or batch have issues that occur immediately but subside after several days and yet another group’s symptoms don’t subside and are constant and yet another batch kills the recipient within 2-3 weeks if not sooner. There are numerous items within these vials that are deadly to humans and will cause the death or transformation of the recipient. According to him all will be dead in 10 years. Their are spike proteins that attach and grow into the arterial walls inside the host which transform the smooth walls of our arteries into spiked forests that capture and cause clotting of cells resulting is poor or no circulation to limbs and lips and other areas with smaller arterial pathways and strokes and blood clots. There are razor sharp graphene particals that cause internal bleeding and cellular damage and which the body attempts to counter by cells clumping onto them in a futile bid to dissolve or break them down. Then there are the self assembling life forms of silicon based creatures formerly known as Morgellon’s fibers and their purpose appears to be related to creating a separate control or “signals” network. Then there is the reprogramming of the cellular mRNA that will result in sepsis just like what occurred in all of the previous animal studies of these mRNA vaxxes which allow unfettered replication of corona viruses not specifically targeted by the “therapy”. According to High all will be dead in 10 years but the timelines are different for each “batch” or type to stagger the population collapse. However there is a direct correlation between the “development” of these issues and certain 5G frequencies. It is possible that everyone could be triggered with a sudden death event by the application of a specific frequency in the 5G band. In October and November of 2019 EVERYONE in Wuhan was required to get and was given a special flu shot. In December and January there were numerous videos of people suddenly collapsing and dying in Wuhan. The videos have been labeled as staged by many and I agree. Someone KNEW to have their camera pointed at the victim at least seconds before they were attacked and died. Frequency or microwave “guns” have been known about and used for several decades. It is possible that a CME or some other Solar event could also create/mimic the same effect and the Three Days of Darkness may be related to a Solar Storm that takes out the Solar Simulators(the source of all the UV-C we have been receiving since sometime after 2000 which was previously filtered out by our Atmosphere) and triggers reactions in people.

      1. Morgellon’s fibers…. what? If anyone can share links to that, I would be most appreciated…

      1. Black goo seems to be an urban myth and extract from the XFiles… havent seen anything serious about it yet

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