The Covid-19 Scam Exposed — A video documentary

Commentary by Br. Bugnolo, Culural Anthropologist

This is perhaps the best video yet on the whole Scamdemic. But it contains some errors which are grave. First of which is the assertion that there are humans with demonic dna, which is not what the bible says. The common protestant reading of the sons of God and the sons of man in the Book of Genesis errs in forgetting that there are 2 creation stories for man, both of which declare that God is the Creator of them. The phrase “sons of God” means sons of Adam. The “sons of man” means those who are not descendants from Adam. This has now been demonstrated by Archeology, namely, that there were hominid races before homo sapiens, which is the biological name for the sons of Adam.

If you noticed other errors, comment below.

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21 thoughts on “The Covid-19 Scam Exposed — A video documentary”

  1. Amazing !! His commentary is a synthesis, and analysis of my 25 years of reading books on this subject, which is like a huge octopus with its legs living deep in the seas of the world…not within our every day news and vision but , nevertheless real.ln order to digest this, we need to write down and retain this info. Get out your Rosary and St Michael Chaplet, go to Mass( TLM if possible)… She is the Woman Mary , Queen of Heaven who defeats Satan, Lucifer.

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  3. So, “sons of man” refers to pre-homo sapiens?

    Do you believe in evolution?

  4. What is your stand on evolution? as far as I know evolution is heresy, it is the inversion of genesis in which man descends from grace, and under evolution, it ascends. I’m confused by the two types of men you mentioned in the commentary. Can you explain further?

    1. There is no such thing in reality as macro-evolution. There is also no such thing as micro-evolution.

  5. Hi Brother,

    Could you please point me to the name of the documentary or its creators?

    Thank you.

  6. Adam was the first human created on the literal 6th day of creation. Science has nothing to say about this 1st week of creation, only the laws and processes governing the world and universe put in place by God afterwards.
    Archeology is a branch of science studying human history, and as human history began with Adam, it is absurd to state that Archeology or any branch of science can say anything prior to Adam. Where the bible refers to “sons of God/man” it either refers to Jesus or human beings, nothing else.
    I am an avid follower of your work, and agree with your reasoned arguments about our Pope Benedict and the scamdemic but to me this comment makes no Catholic sense.

    1. Then you have never read Genesis, which clearly has two creation narratives for Man. One in the Hexameron and the second in regard to Adam and Eve.

  7. Please could anyone advise me on where and which bible to purchase? There are so many different “versions” – the King James etc that I am struggling to know which one Is the the actual first and only true copy ishould turn to??

    Thank You 🙏

    1. If you do not read greek or latin, then the best english translation is the Douay Rheims Challonier….

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