2 thoughts on “USA: California to require DeathVaxx for all school children”

  1. Evil. Evil. Evil. Evil. And Evil. Only Evil. There is no reason at all to vaccinate children. This vax is still in Clinical trials, and it will be an experiment on children, and it is unconscionable, risky, and there will be bad outcomes. God in heaven, protect the children. They are provoking Americans, getting them from as many directions they can, now, the children.

  2. This juggernaut must be exposed.

    The California Catholic Conference of Bishops is pushing the “vaccines.” They have a video webinar on YouTube, “Love Your Neighbor and Get Vaccinated.”

    Beware of the modernist Catholic Health Association of the USA (CHAUSA), which is in lock step with the Biden Administration’s Covid Plans, approves of vaccines. Their site is heavily laden with the modern jargon: so-called health disparities, gender, and equity. CHAUSA has an ominous sounding Toolkit for Addressing Vaccination Hesitancy in Nursing Homes. https://www.chausa.org/newsroom/coronavirus-resources

    Does CHAUSA direct the “ethics” of patient care in all the Catholic clinics and hospitals? If so, we must be vigilant and prepared to resist the deathvax!

    We MUST know the difference between authentic Catholic Common Good vs. Collectivism.

    Phony common good is collectivism. A smug ethics shill at CHAUSA sticks it to Catholics who refuse the vax: “Freedom, in a Christian context, means to choose what is good for oneself and for the community. So, here’s the choice: Take an effective vaccine to help thwart COVID-19 and to safeguard each other; or proclaim the immorality of abortions from decades ago, and not take any of the vaccines, while allowing the pandemic to spread and people to die. Which is the pro-life choice?” Brian M. Kane.

    Authentic Catholic common good explained in the context of refusing vaccines by Dr. Dianne Irving.

    Finally, The Catholic Medical Association is truly Catholic. They are against mandates and approve of religious exemptions. But I can’t see where they are making a big difference in the clinics and hospitals. Their Coronavirus page is listed here: https://www.cathmed.org/programs-resources/

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