7 thoughts on “DeathVaxx contains micro-Razor Blades e bizzare objects”

  1. Very concerning and disturbing. Are people so stupid to inject this stuff into their veins?

  2. Many people have jobs that require it and families to support. It is very complicated for many people if they will no longer have a job.

  3. I believe you are watching the covid committee of doctors and medical personnel who are analysing the respective covid vaccines for evidence of harmful non bioligical contents. This committee is also made up of lawyers etc (one of whom is a reknowned international human rights lawyer Dr Reiner Fuelmich) who are taking the cases up in the Hague and other international courts against the culprits who manufactured the vaccines. God bless them.

  4. In addition to my previous comment may I suggest that you check out the following link


    This link will tell you everything you will need to know on the covid committee and their findings. It is most informative but lengthy so you will need to have time to sit through this although you can click on to the headings you wish to watch if you dont have time to watch the entire program

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