Does the DeathVaxx disrupt your God-given God-designed immune system?

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2 thoughts on “Does the DeathVaxx disrupt your God-given God-designed immune system?”

  1. ALL vaccines ruin the immunety: recently an article in an education-magazine of 2009 was sent to Frà Bugnolo:
    summer 2009 pressperson Grootenboer of the Dutch rivm (vaccine-organisation) mentioned: the (tamiflu)vaccine reduces the immunity.
    Shortly after this, on August 7 2009, the rivm published this press-message:
    ‘we reserve a part of the (tamiflu) vaccine-stock for INDIVIDUALS SUFFERING FROM A SERIOUS IMMUNITY DEFICIENCY'(…………………..)

    Who would be so foolish to take something that destroys her/his immunity?
    And when the rivm was infomed that Mahatma Gandhi back then already warned for vaccines, the rivm reacted:
    Gandhi was a lawyer.

  2. I don’t think there is any question that ALL “vaccines” tamper with/interfere with and otherwise harm humans, and especially our beautiful God-created immune systems. Vaccines are verifiably connected to the modern-day epidemic of auto-immune disorders — as well as NUMEROUS other adverse effects — because vaccines have been DESIGNED from the beginning (by the Rockefeller & satanic cabal) to be a platform for HARMING us on many levels. Vaccines accomplish many specific and intentional harmful effects to advance the satanic “culture of death” and depopulation agendas — and destroying our immune systems is high on the list of evil intentions. But just the added thimerosol (i.e., mercury) is a neurotoxin and poisonous. Vaccines have thus loaded recipients with HEAVY METALS — making people over the years into increasingly stronger/operative HUMAN ANTENNAS as they get more and more vaxxed with heavy metals via flu shots or the exponentially increased number of “required” vaxes for babies and school children. With the covid jabs, they have brought out the big guns, carrying their earlier work inoculating everyone to a higher level of lethality.
    “Vaccines” are among the WORST attacks that the evil controllers have foisted upon humanity (on the natural level) — under the guise of “health” and “medicine.” Most people are too conditioned and brainwashed to know that VACCINES have ALWAYS been WEAPONS. It is now of a highest urgency that we work to get the word out.
    We are witnessing an EXTERMINATION project via universal inoculation because “vaccines” were heavily propagandized as promoting “health” since the start of mass vaccination. The controllers have been patient and allowed several generations to embrace frequent and multitudinous jabs. After DECADES of a “soft kill”, the satanic controllers have now moved in FOR THE BIG KILL with a catastrophically higher level of LETHALITY in the covid jabs. And even if a recipient does not sooner or later actually drop dead from the shots, the lethality within recipients will remain growing and “possessing” ALL the truly covid-vaxxed people so that they will BE LIKE THE LIVING DEAD. The entire modern history of “vaccination” has been incrementally building, conditioning, and aiming toward THIS EXACT SCENARIO NOW PLAYING OUT: BLATANT EXTERMINATION OF HUMANITY on many, many levels.

    Our Lady of Fatima CAME TO SAVE US FROM ALL THIS! And “only SHE can save us.”

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