Br. Bugnolo talks with Dr. Zelenko about the DeathVaxx, Crimes against Humanity and Trump’s role in it all

Lowell J. Gallin has organized from Jerusalem a monthly program where Dr. Zelenko and Br. Bugnolo talk on current issues. This series known as the “Samson’s War Room” featured three topics, in its first installment: The DeathVaxx, Crimes against Humanity, and Trumps role in it all. Brother posed the first questions.

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18 thoughts on “Br. Bugnolo talks with Dr. Zelenko about the DeathVaxx, Crimes against Humanity and Trump’s role in it all”

  1. What an incredible discussion! With depths of humanity, knowledge and faith. These three men exchange an understanding of the world with the confidence and wisdom of rugged veterans of life. Listening to them was rejuvenating for the mind and soul.

  2. So pleased to hear your opinions, I’m relatively confident I am in the critical zone of Truth and Humanity as I’ve been watching your work for this last couple of weeks. We live in a delusional World of gross misinformation and suppression of factual biology in relation to the vaccines. Keep up with your support and I love you format. WARNING you will be banned from UTUBE very soon with everyone else speaking on negatives in regards to the Fake Pandemic.

  3. I really enjoyed this conversation for several reasons. Dr. Zelenko makes plain the Jewish roots of our Catholic faith and gives good insight into medical tyranny at play. Thank you, Brother Bugnolo, for bringing this content to your already powerful ministry.

    1. Please be very discerning with that statement about Catholic roots. My research of original Catholic documents has indicated otherwise. It would behoove all to really examine who “The Lord” is via the Nominum Interpretatio and ancient biblical texts. “Lord” is a word that can mean different things to different religions with the intention of inserting one entity with another without the proper clarification. Which has been done to “scripture” and to our demise IMHO.

      1. In Sacred Scripture the Lord is the reading where the Divine Name is written, Yahweh, or the plural of majesty, Elhoim. But it is tru that the Cannanites used the later to tefer to their gods.

  4. Very informative, thank you, and may God bless you, Br. Bugnolo, on this great Feast of your Holy Father St. Francis.

    One point of contention I have is I think you ought to have informed them of the truth of God’s Triunity and the Incarnation, particularly when Dr. Zelenko was spouting that kabbalist “God is unknowable, not finite not infinite, not spiritual, not material, so lets enter ‘God consciousness'” etc, around the 55:00 mark. He needs to be baptized and hear the Truth, even if we know he’ll reject it.

  5. Very enlightening interview & exchange of thoughts. I always learn so much from your videos.

  6. Great discussion, by all. Thank you, gentlemen. In my humble opinion, Donald Trump, for all his acumen and abilities, was naive. He trusted the wrong people. I think this can be verified by just looking at who he had around him and who he trusted, who proved corrupt, and yet when it happened, he seemed genuinely hurt by it, and disappointed. He verbally expressed his surprise and disappointment, so it seemed real, and with all his strengths, a real weakness. So, he knew how to get things done, he was a problem solver, and one way he did that was by tapping into experts. But the experts he tapped to solve the Covid problem were evil, and their solution was and is evil. Now we all can see it, but he can’t seem to admit it. Yet the common man understands error, and understands how difficult it was just to be president in these times with people standing around with their knives out. He should say something along the lines of, it was a good effort, but it was corrupted and has gone way off track. Mandates are a crime against humanity. Continuing to promote the vax when data clearly shows it has failed and is killing people, is going to fail, colossally. Right now he needs to be a champion of freedom and liberty, because this is what is needed right now.

    1. I was a Trump supporter, but I doubt a Man of his status is that naive. Trump encourage the belief in Qanon. He would tweet out certain things on Twitter which coincided with this psyop, Trust The Plan, Operation Trust are exactly the same. Trump did not listen to Giuliani when he told him to seize the dominion machines, since he had a court order, when he had the opportunity. Trump proved himself completely powerless.The military did not support him. Our cities were attacked, Trump did nothing. Trump pushed the VAX. He was recently booed for pushing the VAX. Trump stated earlier he would never take a vaccine and now pushes the VAX, BIG phony. No swamp was cleaned. TRUMP won by a landslide, walked away, He had zero Power. Follow the Money. Trump was all talk. If he was pro life he would not be pushing a vaccine that uses Aborted babies tissue. They extract the tissue when the babies are alive.

      1. @Angela Sullivan – I agree about Trump and pushing the VAXX post stolen election rally . He rightfully got booed! People are aware how deadly this experimental DeathVaxx truly is. The fact that he didn’t replace Fauci and Dr Birx when he should have is on him. I think that he truly didnt understand what was happening with the development of the DeathVaxx by nefarious people. He fell victim to the fear that the media was pushing before the election.. Many sheep were and are afraid.. Whether that was part of his pre election strategy to say they were working on a vaccine to reassure the public is not known..but probably was. He tried to go the therapeutic route and pushed HQC , Zinc and antibiotics route but was rebuffed by the lies/ discrediting that Fauci and others. He should’ve called on trustworthy allies to do a massive rollout of HCQ and/or Ivermectin as India has now done!

        Short of him being questioned about this and a clear statement/ disavowal/repudiation of the DeathVaxxes as they are now configured being made by him, I will withhold my future support for him .

    2. You are SO correct. He was no savior, maybe arrogant enough to think he could combat the corruption he was very much a part of, or simply a liar…If he isn’t standing up screaming against the mandates right now, isn’t that enough evidence for you? God is not being subtle with the hints children. Listen.

    3. Thanks. Nice, thoughtful comments that I agree with as to what happened with President Trump, his naivete and misplaced trust, and your suggestion of how Trump should speak of it now. The words in your example of what Trump could say, and how he could say it, are brilliant.

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