Dr. Thompson tests the immune response of a DeathVaxxed, and discovers….

YOUTUBE ORIGINAL —  erased by NaziTube



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9 thoughts on “Dr. Thompson tests the immune response of a DeathVaxxed, and discovers….”

  1. If anyone connects all the info in this and other info blogs, they will see the power of msmedia in covering it all up.

  2. “This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines.”


    1. I do not know the bitchute channel, I only have what I published, the embed link, which does not give a bitchute channel information description.

  3. Absolutely True. My husband died from a pneumonia VAX! In the intensive care unit, The Dr. Asked me, in a very strange tone.” Did your husband have the pneumonia vaccine? This was not the first time, I was approached by medical personnel, concerning my husbands rare lymphoma. Pope My friend got the death vax now he has lymphoma. I could not talk him out of it. My mother has been a Nurse for over 40 years she retired 2020, she said, “ This is not science.”
    It is very clear to anyone, with common sense, that when murderers who butcher babies push a vaccine they are NOT interested in your health!
    These people that run the world, are pure evil.
    They obviously control the Vatican! Pray the Rosary go to Church often, Pray for Priest, and all our clergy. Pray for Pope Benedict XVI, who is suffering for the Church and is the Katechon!
    We must defeat this evil with the weapons Our Holy Mother Church has given us. Our Blessed Mother will be victorious! The gates of Hell will not prevail upon the Church!

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