A Catholic Doctor replies to SSPX Superior’s “DeathVax” Apology

Very well written. But the fact that the Doctor signs anonymously says a lot about how the SSPX really treats the faithful.

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15 thoughts on “A Catholic Doctor replies to SSPX Superior’s “DeathVax” Apology”

  1. Surely, the anonymity owes to the Fascist state of affairs & that the addressee knows well his correspondent; rather, evidence for clericalism lies in how obsequiously so erudite a physician feels he must write to get the least hearing from priests considerably less educated than himself.

    1. A layman should never hide his identity from a priest. If he feels he must hide it, the priest is already too corrupt to merit hope, or the relationship between the priest and laymen is already not what Christ wants for the layman, for the ministry to whom He created the priesthood. Ministry, not subjugation.

      1. Br Bugnolo, Fr Arbaud Sélégny is Secretary General of SSPX, based in Menzingen, Switzerland, not in Australia, where the good doctor is.
        This appears to be a public letter in response to Fr Sélégny’s latest public statement on behalf of SSPX posted 24 September, “Practical Considerations on Vaccination Against Covid-19”.
        If it were not a public but a private letter, then you should not and I believe would not be (re-)publishing it.
        On the other hand, I think it is reasonable to assume that the writer would have given a copy of this letter personally to his or her own circle of trusted contacts, including his or her own local SSPX Priest.

  2. Don’t you think he has to conceal his identity because of the criminal civil authorities of his country, rather than because he’s afraid of SSPX’s revenge?

  3. Isn’t that the point, Fra Alexis? Most clergy are not acting as they should …

  4. It,s a public forum.
    This bloke is brave enough for taking the the time to speak to save souls. Both in the lay and the ecclesiastical field.
    May be another St Paul and St Peter moment ?

  5. Doctors are being punished and expelled from health care facilities, some given 15 minutes to clear out and are escorted off the premises like criminals, for being caring doctors. This is an a lesson to others, so fewer people follow their convictions but act out of fear for their bank accounts. I can’t blame the doctor at all, but thankfully we have some doctors willing to put their heads up and speak truth plainly and publicly. Without them many more would be dead or disabled.

    Can anyone speak to being tested weekly and how dangerous to health it probably is to have swabs made in China with chemicals on them inserted into nasal cavities week after week for months on end? What kind of damage does this do, and why isn’t anyone talking about it? Not only that, but what about the dehumanizing aspect of healthy people submitting to testing like a diseased chicken week after week. Anyone have a problem with this?

    1. Yeah Evangeline.
      One can only agree.
      We only have to look at the Dr Kok case.
      He an aparent good and popular GP suspended in Victoria, in 2019. Perhaps permanently, for his pro -life, anti-progressive stance in his private social media and for daring to submit an article in a magazine suggesting the transgender surgery was inhumane.
      So why would any doctor disclose his name when opposing the established narrative. Which in this case is the fake vax agenda?
      See paste: Dr Kok has been suspended since August 2019 and will remain prohibited from practicing until the Medical Board finally brings the matter to trial where his medical license may be struck off for good.

  6. I am an sspx faithful and would not feel comfortable using my name in a letter to the district level or above. They do backpeddle from time to time on minor issues, but I doubt it would do any good in this case, unless there was an organized and concerted effort to withhold donations. Many other faithful who are the most upset by this are relatively new to the sspx and are full of zeal. In my experience those who grew up in the sspx are utterly clueless and possibly brainwashed to never question anything any of their priests do or say. This is where the cult-like element comes in. The second generation sspxers are asleep. So sad what has happened to the society founded by the saintly archbishop.

  7. Three points:
    1. The letter is well written and follows logic in relation to the original SSPX policy / position.
    2. The fact that this version is not signed with a name (anonymous) does not detracts from the issues raised by the letter.
    3. It is still possible that the author made himself known to the recipient of the letter, but it does not make any difference to me, the contents is till valid and could be verified by independent research.

  8. Fr Arbaud Sélégny par excellence infiltrator at its best.

    Fr. Frey, SSPX spoke out against the deathvaxx and was switched.

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