How Bergoglio unmasked so many Traddies and Conservatives as Modernists


Has the Holy Spirit become a Modernist?

Or is Bergoglio Not the Pope?

On Article 892 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church

by Andrea Cionci

It is quite impressive to see how and in what tones “Pope Francis” is being attacked by some Catholics, whether lay or religious.

No disrespect should be shown to His Excellency Jorge Mario Bergoglio because, although anti-pope, he is still a legitimate bishop duly ordained by the Church. (Though he is no longer a cardinal, as canonist Francesco Patruno explains, since as pope or antipope you lose the red biretta).

Moreover — as we have already pointed out — speaking ill of him, attacking him, calling him all kinds of colors while recognizing him as the legitimate pope is PURE NUTRITION FOR HIS POWER: the best favor that can be done to him as HERE Professor Antonio Sanchez of the University of Seville has already explained.

In this way, in fact, the easy message that filters to the world is: “Francis is a reformist pope, who wants to modernize the Church, gathering the true message of Christ, in its essence: peace, brotherhood, ecology. For this, inevitably, he is attacked by the gloomy and bigoted traditionalists, hypocrites and hard-hearted. Yet, not even they dare to question that he is the true pope.”


However, besides being the best assist for Bergoglio, such attacks, for Catholics, produce a serious scandal: that ism they discredit and offend the HOLY SPIRIT, the Third Person of the Trinity.

Unfortunately, it is so: paper sings. Many Catholics believe that the pope is infallible, assisted by the Holy Spirit, ONLY WHEN HE SPEAKS EX CATHEDRA, that is, only when he pronounces on important matters of faith.

In fact, the dogma of papal infallibility was established during the First Vatican Council convoked in 1868. The last and supreme ex-cathedra pronouncement was applied by Pius XII in 1950 for the Assumption of Mary. So, these pronouncements are not at all frequent; indeed, they are very rare.

Few people know, however, that Article 892 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church states that the pope is assisted by the Holy Spirit even in his ORDINARY ACTIVITY. Check it out HERE.

We quote: Art.892: “Divine assistance is also given to the successors of the Apostles, who teach in communion with the Successor of Peter, and, in a special way, to the Bishop of Rome, Pastor of the whole Church, when, though without arriving at an infallible definition and without pronouncing in a “definitive manner,” they propose, in the exercise of the ordinary Magisterium, a teaching which leads to a better understanding of Revelation in matters of faith and morals.”

His Excellency Luis Francisco Ladaria, appointed by Francis as Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, also confirms: “It is important to reiterate that infallibility concerns not only the solemn pronouncements of a Council or of the Supreme Pontiff when he speaks ex-cathedra, but also the ordinary and universal teaching of the bishops throughout the world, when they propose, in communion with each other and with the Pope, Catholic doctrine to be held definitively.”

It logically follows that by accepting Bergoglio as the legitimate “Pope Francis,” the Holy Spirit must have softened on many issues, or He was already more broad-minded and “modern” than many Catholics thought.

Considering his acts and statements, we must assume, in fact, that the Third Person of the Trinity today has become, or has always been, “personally” in favor of civil unions; that He gladly likes the pagan idol Pachamama enthroned in St. Peter; that He tolerates the blessing of one hundred German priests to gay couples by endorsing what – according to Catholicism – is the second “sin that cries out to Heaven”; that He offers affectionate support to Father James Martin, a supporter of the most extreme homosexualist straightness; that the Holy Spirit agrees that (Bergoglio’s words) “there is no Catholic God”; that “all religions are true”; that divine mercy saves all; that “the Church no longer believes in hell where people suffer”; that He doesn’t worry too much if communion to remarried divorcees is allowed in Germany, but not in Poland…

Furthermore, the Holy Spirit would confirm that “in the Holy Trinity the Persons barter behind closed doors, but outwardly give the image of unity.”

In addition, the Holy Spirit would approve without problems seven other issues raised by Bergoglio and identified as true heresies by 62 scholars. Adn Kronos summarizes them well HERE .

Orthodox Catholics, there is little you can do about it! The Pope is assisted by the Holy Spirit even in ordinary activity and you have to accept that. Those listed above are “ordinary teachings in matters of faith and customs” by “Pope Francis.”

Don’t you agree? Don’t you want to accept the hypothesis of a modernist Holy Spirit “updated to the times”?

If not, then there are two remaining solutions:

The Catechism is wrong and the pope does NOT receive assistance from the Holy Spirit even in ordinary activity. So article 892 is to be deleted.

Or, Francis is not the true pope, but an antipope, because Benedict XVI never abdicated, as we have illustrated HERE. In that case, the Holy Spirit is “JUSTIFIED ABSENT” and everything is explained.

We didn’t make the Catechism and nor invent the Logic: either the Holy Spirit has changed His views, or the Catechism is wrong, or Francis is not the pope. You choose. Quartum non datur (There is no fourth possibility).

FromRome.Info Editor’s Note — Of the three possibilities, only one is truly conservative and traditional: the one which dumps Bergoglio’s claim to the papacy and keeps the whole and spotless Catholic Faith. The other two possibilities either require that you dump part or all of the Catholic Faith and keep Bergoglio’s claim to the papacy. The Choice is yours. Don’t follow the foolish Cardinals and Bishops like Vigano who cannot even see the problem clearly, or who have chosen to dump the Faith.

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14 thoughts on “How Bergoglio unmasked so many Traddies and Conservatives as Modernists”

  1. This makes sense. Just one thing, to anticipate a possible objection: isn’t it true that although a pope is indeed given Divine Assistance, he can still refuse it? Wouldn’t that be a 4th possibility?

    1. No creature can refuse the Divine Assistance, when the Divine Assistance is promised him for the sake of the entire flock.

      1. I don’t doubt you, I just wonder how this makes sense, considering, for example, John Paul II’s Theology of the Body.

      2. John Paul II’s teaching has to be distinguished from Wotytla’s teaching. He used the pronoun I to distinguish that, and I have not examined the entire body of talks he gave on this topic to respond in regard to it. But as far as I know, he taught nothing contrary to the deposit of the Faith, though he ventured to prounounce on things upon which the Church has not yet defined, and probably in a sense in which the Church will reject. Here we must distinguish between what the Church has definitively taught: namely that there is life after death for the wicked, which Bergoglio denies emphatically, and detailed questions of sexual morality about which few if any of the Saints have spoken, and no council has declared.

  2. Three options?

    1: The Holy Spirit is Modernist, updating the Church to the Pagan times (nullifying the many warnings of Pope St Pius X, rendering his Papacy fallible, full of error … Pius X and Francis cannot both be right).

    2: Catechism is wrong; delete article 892; the Holy Spirit is not ordinarily and always present with His Pope, does not assist, does not provide protection from error.

    3: Francis is not the true Pope, rather antichrist.

    I would add a fourth possibility, more terrible, that possibly flows naturally from either or both of the first two options: “If this is true then this must be true …”.

    4: The Catholic Church itself is a lie, none of its conflicting and error-filled and non-empirical claims fit with observable reality and God cannot possibly exist as conceived by the Church which now makes no conceivable sense. Because all that came before does not fit with what exists today in my world, it must all be a lie. And as St. Paul himself has said, the most miserable of all lies – I Cor 15: 12-19.

    Steve Skojec represents those who have gone down this path. I remember him in his earliest blogging days, prior to 1P5, when we were trying to make sense of Bergoglio. He ultimately came down hard in his favor. I ultimately came down hard in favor of the Papacy itself which leaves no room for deformation (Emeritus contemplative non-active Popes). His spiritual circuits have been blown to bits. Mine have been extremely tested, but remain intact and oriented backward and forward toward constant Magisterial Tradition.

    Remember the Parable of the Widow, where our Lord implored us “to pray and not faint”; else “when he returns will he find Faith on earth? (Luke 18: 1-9).

    You spoke elsewhere on your blog (I think it was you) that the times coming will be so trying that God will see those who endure to the end as like martyrs for the Faith. I will never give up my Faith, “because Lord, you have the Word of Life. And where else would I go” (John 6: 68,69).

    I see THROUGH this deformed Papacy and predictable apostasy to the eternal Line through the ages that leads directly to Jesus Christ my Lord. No one, not even Lucifer himself can take that away. God grant me the Grace to endure to the end no matter the cost or confusion that marks the way.

  3. The CCC is wrong. Can it trump the authority of dogmatic councils? Nope. Ex cathedra; faith and morals soltanto. If the HS guided popes in that manner JPII would not have unwittingly appointed so many sodomites to the bishopric during his reign.

    1. On this point the CCC teaches what the Church has always taught. And if it be wrong, then the Catholic Faith is a fraud. I sense that you are more willing to hold on to Bergoglio and reject the Catholic Faith, than reject Bergoglio and keep the Catholic Faith, and that says a lot about the spirit who rules your soul.

  4. And here’s another little something from Nantes & Co. (with a couple out takes from the beginning)…


    THE simplest, the easiest, reply is the one which comes instinctively to most good Catholics: No, never!Under no circumstances can it be lawful to oppose the Pope – or, for that matter, the Council – for they represent the Infallible Magisterium of the Church, and if you oppose them you must necessarily be wrong.

    Nevertheless, the alternative and more difficult response is actually more correct: Yes, sometimes it is a lawful and a saintly thing to oppose the Pope or the Council (but let us pass over the Council, as ultimately it is always subordinate to the Pope). Obedience is the rule, certainly, but there are occasions, however rare, when obedience could lead to dissidence…

    1. The question is not about disobeying the pope. The question is whether he is the pope, and whether his total lack of grace concludes that he is not. The argument is air tight. It does. Otherwise we must say that Christ’s promise means nothing: I have prayed for you Simon that your faith may not fail. Bergoglio does not even have faith, not even close. Ignore that to your own peril, I say.

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