Cardinal Arch-Heretic is running the Anti-Pope’s Synod on Synods

In the Middle Ages, you would only expect a Caliph, Jew, or Witch to speak like this… Even today, you can take your pick, but “Catholic” is not one of them….

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3 thoughts on “Cardinal Arch-Heretic is running the Anti-Pope’s Synod on Synods”

  1. Feast of the Theotokos
    Mary, the Mother of God
    11 October, 2021 A. D.

    Fra Alexis,

    Caliph, Witch or Jew? You beautifully frame the question. Grech looks like Door Number Two.

    We can also be sure he’s Clerical Homosexual Network Strangling The Church. That is, party of anti-pope Francis and his minions. Whatever you may think of Archbishop Viganò, he did coin a phrase and expose the Network. (August 25, 2018, Viganò Testimony.)

    Grech, faux Cardinal, what are you doing in the Catholic Church?

    They don’t know they lost yet.

    “Rejoice, O virgin Mary, for thou alone hast destroyed all heresies throughout the world.”

    Buona Festa!

    C. P. Benischek

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