8 thoughts on “Dr. Franz Zalewski finds living creature inside DeathVaxx vial”

  1. 50 years ago Aluminum was found to cause Alsheimers by University studies. This wasnt on the news. I was informed by someone who was friends with a professor of medicine at a major Med school. I threw away all aluminum pots and pans. Many canned goods manufacturers coated inside of canned foods with a white collored barrier. If this presentation is true, then Aluminum diseases like Alsheimers could become so widespread it would be unthinkable as to what society would be like.

  2. This researcher and others need to look into the demonic “Black Goo” from Antarctica that was handed over to the American Navy at the end of the Falklands War in Argentina. The best video I bookmarked on this transfer was a speech given by a retired Royal Navy British sailor who was present at the hand over and said this “Black Goo” was CONSCIOUS and EVIL. This video has been removed from the internet. Here are several I have and one about Antarctica. Remember when the head of the Russian Orthodox Church first went to see the Pope, then was taken down to ARCHANGEL Antarctica to recite a special prayer?? I believe they found a way to inject this demonic Black Goo into humans. Here are the links

    1. This is what I call sci-fix psyop propaganda. Like that of UFOs it is used to terrorist, break down faith in the Christian world view, and to provide excuse for nefarious projects of scientific research. Don’t fall for it. These sources are very theatrical but without substance.

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