Viganò participates in Protest with Italian Secret Service Double Agent

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

I have been in Italy for nearly 2 years, and even I knew that the protest on October 9 would achieve nothing, because it aimed to achieve nothing.  A dictatorship which is participating in a decades old plan to genocide its own citizenry does not give a BLEEP about what you think and certainly will not surrender simple because 99% of the people don’t like them. That is not how a maniacal diabolic psychotic ruling elite works. That is not how Goldman Sachs works. That is not how the Lodge works.

So now that the protest’s main proponent and organizer, Nicola Franzoni, has publicly admitted he diverted the protest from its planned and announced objective, Parliament, to the HQ of a Union, where the State Police was ready to pounce upon them and declare them right-wing terrorists for breaking and entering — even though the State Police allowed them to enter — Archbishop Viganò needs to explain himself.

Does he actually understand less about Italian politics or popular politics than Br. Alexis Bugnolo? He who is a native Italian, who is worth over 30 million euro, and who is a graduate of the Vatican Diplomatic School? A former Ambassador to the USA for the Vatican?

Is that really possible.  I say no, it is impossible.

I can grant that the average Italian, hopeful for something to result, might have uncritically participated. Many of my friends did so. That is understandable. But I advised against it to everyone.

Therefore, the only conclusion is, that Viganò willingly participated in luring Catholics to an event that was staged to frame the no-Vaxxers as right wing terrorists, just like the Trump supporters were framed in Washington, D. C., on January 6, 2021.

Is he that naive?

Howsoever you answer the question, the conclusion you must draw is the same, if you still have the use of reason: This is not the man you want to be following; He is not worthy of your trust or your lives.

Maybe you see why he will not come out and say that Pope Benedict XVI never resigned, that the Globalists wanted him out, and that Bergoglio never was the Pope?

He could call for a Provincial Council of the Catholic Church in the Metropolitan Province of Rome. That has the authority to restore Benedict and end the dispute.  Why does he not do that, at least?  After all, he is an Archbishop of the Church of Rome, and has the right to call for one.

 For the record, here is his message to the protestors on Saturday:

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15 thoughts on “Viganò participates in Protest with Italian Secret Service Double Agent”

  1. Exactly! As I read his “letter” of support to the protesters, it was full of nice words, but no meaning or leadership. It struck me strange, because it did nothing but say “I am trying to support you but do not do anything, just like me, I move my lips but do not do anything that will make a difference”.

    Yes if he wants to lead and means it, his role should be to convene a council under canon law to either restore Pope Benedict XVI or to resolve the question for the Catholic Faithful.

    As far as the demonstrations in Italy, the people should realize that they were used by the establishment, just like conservatives were used on January 6th in the USA. Of the current Catholic hierarchy, I thought Vigano, Lenga, Burke, Schneider, Strickland, and Gracida would be the ones leading. I do not hear anything from Lenga and Burke, maybe physical impediments prevents them. Vigano and Schneider talk but no canon law action and in some talks they address Pope Francis instead of Bishop Bergolio, so that means they sanction his position. So that leaves Strickland and Gracida. Strickland although a religious conservative, he acknowledges Bergolio as Pope. That leaves only Bishop Gracida as the only bishop that I am aware that still recognizes Pope Benedict XVI as the true Pope.

    I pray daily for Bishop Gracida’s health. He does have a blog which continues to disseminate views that support Pope Benedict XVI, but his age and health prevents too much physical involvement.

    The ideological war has two fronts: political and religious.
    The religious one is to restore Pope Benedict to the active ministerium of the Catholic Church. Pope Benedict is currently incomunicado so only his prayers are being directed to God.

    On the political front, we need a movement of protests like the original Polish Solidarity Movement that brought down the Iron Curtain in Eastern Europe. The problem is that the communist have learned better how to infiltrate those movements. So these demonstrations need to be spontaneous. Have a simple goal of peaceful defiance. Disrupt the system that perpetuates and maintains the tyrants in power. Truck drivers go on strike, stop driving. Close all business one day a week. Medical workers, stop working. Pilots call in sick one day a week. Demonstrators try to convince your police to join you or step aside. Students, stop attending classes. Continue the mass demonstrations, but be aware of the manipulation as happened this past week.

    Select one or two main objectives: maybe “no mandated vaccines” and one other goal. Concentrate on those two until you achieve them. Otherwise, the tyrants will dilute your efforts at protest by trying to have so many goals that people give up or start arguing and loose track of the objective.

    “Originally, People complied because they wanted to end it. But it is because of their compliance that it will never end. Compliance did not give them liberty, it just made the tyrants more powerful”

      1. To editor, reference Cardinal Lenga. Thank you for clarifying about Cardinal Lenga. In further research, it looks like he is also being silence. So I invite the faithful to please pray for Pope Benedict XVI, Cardinal Lenga and Burke, Bishop Gracida and for Vigano, Schneider, Strickland to make their positions more clear.

    1. We may be able to do without some workers, but doctors, nurses and medical people are critical. When they don’t show up, it’ s not inconvenient, it’s life threatening, people will die. We need to be very careful about encouraging medical people to not show up.

      1. To Evangeline. Well medical people can refuse to work for hospitals or doctors that do not follow their hipocratic oath. There is a growing number of doctors that would not mind having these type of medical professionals work with them. It boils down to again, comply and the tyrants win. At some point, we all will have to make the choice. Better now when there is in most places at least 40% willing to resist than later when you are the only one left and nobody to follow you.

        It takes one person to start and one person to follow. The first follower is a leader, because it takes guts to step up and follow the first soul that has the guts to resist. Once the first follower steps forward, is time to be follower number two or three. As more people see the guts of those few that took the first steps, they will follow. As in the military, leaders need to know when to lead and when to follow. A real leader knows how to follow.

        If it takes 90% of the medical personnel to quit or go on strike, that is what it takes. The tyrants will not be able to blame them for continued failure of the medical system. People will die under tyrants rule regardless. It might or might not be in the hospitals, but most medical personnel will find a way to provide service to those that really needed. So your statement is just another salvo to get people to comply. Complying is not going to end the tyranny. Resistance will. Resistance at this time can be peaceful, but if we let it go longer, then we might not be able to recover peacefully. As most military people know, if you do not have a plan, step aside, just be able to support the leaders when the time comes, time to act is now. Time to argue is long past.

    2. Thank you for lining out what is needful at this time.

      Next comes the Orange Revolution that is carried out because the demonstrators do convince the police to join us or step aside so that the criminal officials may be arrested and held in prison awaiting Nuremberg-style justice.

  2. this protest made me think of sister Anne Catherine Emmerichs vision of the vatican burning. I get the feeling momentum is heading that direction.

  3. Yes, it is long past time for Vigano to come out and publicly state that Benedict XVI is the true pope. Anything else from him are wasted words. We don’t need another letter beating around the bush. The time is now! Just do it, Archbishop.

  4. Br. Alexis Bugnolo, please enlighten me as to the actions you have taken on behalf of the people and the Church so that I may fully comprehend your point. Thank you.

  5. No one talks about weekly testing as a substitute for getting vaxxed. Weekly testing is beneath the dignify of human beings made in the image and likeness of God, it treats them like farm animals. In addition, what harmful substances are the likely Chinese swabs made of, and what is that yellow substance on the end of the swab, that gets inserted into nasal cavities week after week in some cases, so near the brain?
    Yet nobody discusses this.

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