Zagami thrashes Nicola Franzoni for turning the Protesters at Rome away from Parliament

Summary in English  by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Nicola Franzoni, one of the principal organizers of the protest on Saturday incited the scathing criticism of Leo Zagami yesterday, for having admitted to have turned the reported 500,000 protesters away from marching upon Parliament.

Zagami accuses Franzoni for being an agent of the Italian Secret Police on account of the inconsistencies in his public explanation for having redirected the crowds to the headquarters of one of the leading Unions, which is cooperating with the government of Mario Draghi in supporting the DeathVaxx passport as an obligation for all workers as of Dec. 15.

Leo Zagami is an ex-mason, who now lives in Southern California, having fled Italy as a political dissident, whose own grandfather participated in the March upon Rome organized by the Fascists to put Mussolini in power.

Having admitted to have directed the crowds to march upon a Union HQ, Zagami launches the question which will remain in the minds of many Italian citizens for a long time:  Why is this man not yet arrested?

How did he know that special forces were awaiting the crowds from within the Parliament?

Nicola Franzoni has urged that Italians go to Rome en masse, arguing that if a million show up, the Government will give up on its project of the Sanitary Dictatorship. His use of the term “casa matta”, which sounds like “cas’amata”, is focused upon by Zagami.  The first term is a term used in the Italian Artillery, the second means, “beloved house”, from which Zagami concludes that this man works with either the armed forces, or the Secret Police, which in either case means he is a government agent. Zagami compares him to the founder of the Proud Boys, in the USA, who called for a march upon Washington D. C., but is being treated lightly by the Biden regime, while normal citizens are being terrorized for merely having been bystanders to the Capitol “invasion”.

The HQ of the Italian Union, CGL, should have been closed, on Saturday, but was open, strangely, which argues, according to Zagami, that it was a planned event. The fact that Franzoni wanted to attack the servants of the dictatorship but not the centers of power, shows, according to Zagami, that he was manipulating the crowds to serve the Dictatorship. Citizens did enter and were told not to damage anything upon entering. Zagami is correct in observing that this seems to have been staged by the Secret Police in imitation of the Capital “Invasion” so as to frame the political discourse of a “violent” opposition which alone is the only threat to the nation.

The two factions which are arguing on how to end the Dictatorship are proposing two extremes: Franzoni who wants a political change without any confrontation, and the far right like Zagami who wants a violent armed coup d’etat.  The third option is an Orange Revolution, where the citizens simply arrest all police, politicians, and judges, and call for new elections in every jurisdiction. That is the truly militant and effective solution.

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9 thoughts on “Zagami thrashes Nicola Franzoni for turning the Protesters at Rome away from Parliament”

  1. I’m not living in Italy and not familiar with Italian politics so maybe I’m misunderstanding. But as a general observation applicable to all countries, might I suggest that the idea of an armed uprising is no good unless you are certain that you have superior force of arms and a good chance of winning : plus if Italy or any other country tried this, the global powers that be would send in UN “peacekeeping” “humanitarian” forces to slap you down. Might this be the outcome they’re hoping for? They want chaos at any rate so that they can then come along as “saviours” and take over complete control. They want this worldwide.

    1. PS Personally I think the only way we can hope to stop all this evil is by non compliance in all things; no to muzzles, no to the jab and above all no to the digital ID aka vaccine passport. Plus spreading the word and exposing the lies. Our globalist enemies are waging a war with minds not weapons and we must resist in the same way.
      The enemies of the West have brought it to its knees without a shot being fired.

  2. Zagami is most likely not controlled opposition but only so peculiar as to be a socisl critic and comedian.

    1. Zagami is an Italian comedian. His style is the ironic or absurd exaggeration. He talks on politics mostly, and says things to draw attention. He no more thinks he is the Messiah than the King of Italy, in real life. But apart from his comic act, he often gives sound social commentary.

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