A Refuge for Canceled Seminarians and Religious

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Here at the Hermitage of the Holy Cross, as part of my apostolic work in the Ordo Militaris Catholicus, our intention is to provide a place of refuge for priests, seminarians and religious who are threatened with the DeathVaxx or who have been canceled for defending Pope Benedict XVI’s title and dignity as the Roman Pontiff.

Back in 2016, when Father Jacques Hamel was stabbed to death at morning mass by two Islamic terrorists, I begged the Lord to send His priests, religious and people men to defend them.  And in prayer it seemed that the Lord asked me to do my part and seek such helpers. So with Andrew Jerome Baalman, a physical descendant of Charlemagne, we founded the Ordo Militaris Catholicus, a religious initiative aimed at saving lives of Christians who are persecuted.

Bl. Urban II having heard our prayers and seen the works we do, we have now obtained the grace to open our first Commandery in Italy, where the grace of our Order was first given. Here we will operate a place of refuge, and for this purpose I came here two weeks ago, having been warned of the need by one of my favorite Saints, St. Maximilian Kolbe back in August.

So in the coming weeks I will be welcoming some cancelled seminarians. They were told that they will never be ordained priests unless they take the DeathVaxx.  They are in shock and have suffered a lot of psychological abuse in the last month over this, but by the grace of God have realized that this insistence upon the DeathVaxx is a demonic sickness and plot to exterminate the clergy of the Catholic Church.

So now I am asking all my benefactors and friends and readers to assist me in this work of mercy, as offering lodging and housing to several seminarians will take some resources. Here I will detail the needs:

1) The city water which arrives here at the hermitage is not drinkable, so I need to add a culligan reverse osmosis filtration system under the kitchen sink. The cost is 2930 Euro.  This will cost a lot less than purchasing bottled water and paying to have it delivered, since I have no car or truck to do shopping and the nearest town is miles away.

2) Feed and supply the refugees, which in Italy costs about 300 euro a month, when one takes into account all the food and personal sanitary items needed. Total cost expected to be 1200 per month.

3) Acquire another bicycle, so that one of them can come into town with me, when I travel in this same way to do daily shopping. That will cost 400 euro.

4) Heat the hermitage. Though I can take a lot of cold, since my father’s side of the family is from the Alps, these seminarians come from a much warmer latitude and so I have to keep them in good health by keeping the place heated. That will cost about 400 euro per month in firewood. — The hermitage has a fireplace in the kitchen.

5) Get some winter blankets and clothing for the refugees. Three wool blankets and a double change of woolens, gloves, scarves, etc..  That will cost about 1200 euros.

6) Seminary Books and supplies.  While staying at the Commandery, I will assist them in their continued studies by giving them classes in theology. While I have some books, which are in the process of being prepared for shipment from the USA where I left them, others will be necessary to acquire. That will cost about 1500 euros.

So I expect a total cost of 6030 euros plus 1600 euro a month. This does not include the cost of the rent, which I already pay from donations collected for FromRome.Info for my personal support.

There is a lot of Catholic just anger being expressed about canceled priests. Soon the entire Church will be canceled if our future priests have no where to go. I will try to do everything I can do, but I need your help to do it. This work is urgent, as we have now entered a truly Apocalyptic age and we cannot wait for the hierarchy to solve these problems since 99% of them have lost the way.

I am thankful that the Italians are mobilizing to organize and supply the chapel in the Hermitage. So I ask my readers and fans round the world, if they can help me with these other necessities. Seminarians of this kind merit our highest respect and first support. By refusing the DeathVaxx they are ensuring that the God-given immune system which they have will help them in their future priestly ministry for decades to come, as they serve us in the field of the Lord. This shows their excellent prudence and sanity of mind. These are just the kind of future priests we all need!

If you can help with these expenses, please make a one time or recurring monthly donation below:

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23 thoughts on “A Refuge for Canceled Seminarians and Religious”

  1. Bless you, Brother.
    I would give you anything for the cancelled if I had it. It’s a long story and you don’t need to hear it. I once had so much to give and gave. I truly have nothing to give beyond respect, prayers and well wishes; none of which can feed, cloth, house, warm, transport anybody. Alps or not; please keep yourself warm as you must stay well to keep others well. May God bless and keep you all…

  2. Brother B-
    I’ve just donated & you have been in my daily rosary since I’ve discovered you. Your new house & grounds are lovely. I hope you will be very happy & peaceful there. Thanks for all that you do.

    1. It is the same, if you want it to be so, otherwise it goes to the costs of FromRome.Info or my personal needs, as I ask the non profit for assistance.

    1. History.com is a masonic organization to publish anticatholic revisionism. It is shameful to believe it.

  3. I’m ready to play the sum for the books the seminarians need for their intellectual improvement.

    I’ll send the next days the sum of 1500 $ to your bank account.

    God bless you and your mission,

    Johnnie Walker.

    1. Mr. Walker, as a Franciscan, I do not and cannot have a bank account. You will have to use PayPal, and if you do not want to use your credit card, or do not have one, purchase a gift card to that amount and use that. But thank you for your generosity and good will, the funds are truly needed.

      1. I just send a big amount through a CC to your account. It is not the promised one, but I hope it will help you in your divine mission.

        God bless

      2. Thank you, Mr. Walker. May the Lord bless you and keep you, may He turn His Face to you, and May He let the light of His countenance guard and guide you…

  4. We need such a thing in Poland, too. Even though we don’t have vaxx mandates in seminaries as yet, there are some who are getting really uncomfortable about where it is all going. The worst part, though, would be waking everyone up to see that the Church as we have known it is (nearly) gone.

  5. Dear Brother,
    I will be praying for you and the Seminarians! I wish I had money to give at this time, but I will try in the coming months. I am a 4th Degree Knight with the Knights of Columbus and will share your sight with my Brothers.
    I am SO proud of You and the Seminarians for refusing the Bioweapon Shots. I have been trying to wake others for a year and a half now. While I have reached a few, it amazes me how willfully ignorant most I encounter are. I feel as though I’ve had a veil lifted so I can see the truth, but I feel empty inside because so many are blind. Too full of Pride to admit they’ve been duped.
    May God bless every step you take into this uncertain future. You are truly a Hero for offering refuge to these young men who were wise enough to walk away, to follow the narrow path toward Heaven.
    God be with you Brother!

    1. Thank you for your kind words. The two seminarians whom I gave canonical advice to, have decided to return to their native country. They have to give up studying for the priesthood, but they are firm on refusing the DeathVaxx. All seminarians, priests and religious are welcome here, if need be. The door is open.

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